Friday, February 26, 2010

F is for Four-legged Friends brought to you by Mrs. Matlock's Letter of the week (rated G)

Hi Mrs. Matlock. I came to school Feeling very prepared and also wanted to let you know that my dog did not Feast upon my paper here it is!

F is For Four-legged Friends. We have two of them. Most everyone that I know has a Four-legged Friend. What would we do without these Four-legged Fun loving beings? Our lives would be proFoundly empty.

Here are some reasons why we LOVE and Feel brief malice towards our Furry creature Friends:

They are Feverishly happy to see us when we return home From work

They make us Fiendishly happy when we are sad

They chew our leather cell phone case and we are Furious....but just look at them, smile and say you naughty little doggy (after we say some Foul words)

They snuggle around our Feet in the bed at night so we can't move or even Find our Fleece blanket

They wait by the door when we are taking a shower and act like they haven't seen us in Four years when we Finally open the door

They Feverishly snore louder than my husband

They Follow us where ever we go Frolicking aroud the house, even into the bathroom

They have doggy dreadlocks and look like Foolish mops in the wintertime because we want them to stay warm instead of Freezing outside in the cold

They lick our Faces, when we know they haven't licked their butts lately

They run to the pantry when we say "Do you want a dingo?" (dog Food treat) and they know exactly what we mean

They run up the stairs like a pack of crazy wolves looking for Fuzzy chickens

They figure out where we are....anywhere in the house...using those Fine tuned sniffers

They love to Feel our hands rubbing their belly's and say "we don't want this to be Finished yet".

They steal our Folded socks or underwear or Flipflops or bras or sneakers...just For Fun

They Frantically run up and down the stairs and into the office to catch a Flicker or glimpse of us through the window before we walk into the house

They are the most Finicky eaters in the history of Feline....I mean dog world....I just got a little carried away with the F words....(this one only applies to Molly and not to Zoey)

One of them finds a way to steal Josh's small plastic toys and chew them into Fine, tiny pieces and sometimes swallows all of the evidence when we catch the Furry little beast in the act (guess who does this...yes, Zoey)

They always want to try what we are eating, even if it's our Favorite spicy Food (but of course we say Find your own dog Food)

They Furiously take us on walks into the Forest  (I mean the trail behind our house) instead of us taking them for walks

They bark at every Furry deer, Fox and Coyote during a Full moon, in the middle of the night (and wake us up from a sound sleep)

They are Forever pooping in the yard and Todd Fervently picks it up without a complaint

And for these Fun snapshots of our lives....we Feel so much love For our Four-legged Friends, who Freely and Famously are the best Friends that we have ever Found (Furry ones of course)..................................
We love you Molly (white cockapoo) and Zoey (chocolate cocker spaniel) 


  1. We love our four-legged furry friends, too! Our cat is almost seventeen, and our dog is almost fourteen, and we can hardly imagine living without them. They never move out and get their apartment, like kids do. They don't go off to college. They don't ask to borrow the car (although on of them loves to ride in the car)! All in all, they are loyal, and usually pleasant!

  2. Yes, those furry freinds wiggle their way right into our hearts and become part of our family!!!

  3. I just adore friends of the 4 legged variety ... so loving and sweet, and warm to snuggle up with!

  4. What a F un and F abulous F our - legged F riend post.

    You may bring your pets to school next Thursday for Show and Tell!


  5. Four-legged friends are fantastic! :)

  6. What a great post! Your furbabies are just adorable, what beautiful eyes. There truly is nothing like the love of our four legged friends. And you know that God made them cute so we don't kill them when they get into mischief. Kathy

  7. they're too adorable! I like the black one, though I have absolutely no idea of what type of dogs they are

    thanks for your visit

  8. Love your post! We have 4 dogs, 3 tutrles and a gecko all of which have four legs! We cannot imagine our life without our pets, thet are such a big part of our family. Look at my Friday post and you will see my Reuben!

  9. I love my furry friends too and you captured all the reasons perfectly.......Melinda

  10. Too cute! You know we love our Four legged friends. Don't know what I would do without Abbey and Belle. We miss you Molly and can't wait to meet Zoey!


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