Sunday, February 28, 2010

Find of the weekend

Here are two beehive bobbins, which I just purchased at an antique flea market today...they are in mint condition,..even have the original metal on both ends....both for $10.00...what a find ! They were originally marked $22 a piece!! ...told the owner that I bought 6 of them on ebay for $1.00 or so a piece...which is true, but these are in so much better condition...won't use these two for make do's but as displays. Have a great day All!


  1. I love those Patti! What a steal! Glad I could make you laugh, I do not think everyone did, but ya know I have to be myself in this blogging world, and I love a good laugh! Glad to see over there!

  2. Love those Patti! Great deal!!!


  3. I had no idea what they were! they are big!!!! I just found and bought two little ones the other day.....


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