Sunday, February 14, 2010

A must have in Prim Crafting-A Dehydrator

I recently used my husband's dehydrator (that he uses to make venison jerky) for some prim fixins. I dehydrated apples and oranges then sprayed them with my homemade fixin's spray-mulled cider (candle fragrance oil mixed with distilled water). This has hints of luscious oranges and cinnamon.... a must have fragrance to use in prim crafting!! Please visit my favorite site for the most fragrant candle scents. I loaded them with the spray then baked them on a waxed paper lined old cookie sheet and placed them in the oven on 200 degrees for about 15 minutes or until the fruit was dry (you could also dehydrate again, I guess). I then placed them in a tin star candle pan with a tealight votive, tart melts and cinnamon sticks~~as seen above. I just love how they came out. Have fun creating with different food items. I want to try cranberry's next. I will be offering this candle on my website too.You can purchase a dehydrator at a very inexpensive price. I think Todd bought it at Walmart. I will offer this as a free giveaway in the future.

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