Sunday, February 14, 2010

Holiday Envelope

Here's a prim envelope that I made for Valentine's Day. I made this out of muslin, primmed with my grungy vanilla/coffee/cinnamon mixture then baked to perfection. It was then stuffed with fiberfill and moss. I attached a skeleton key, homespun tie and primmed tag with the word "Love" on a large, rusty safety pin. I also added a tealight for ambiance and added a black, soft wire for hanging. The quilted heart in the envelope was left unprimmed to give the piece a bit of color. Hand stitching was done with coordinating thread. I love prim with a touch of color!! It measures 9 inches by 8 inches, not including the wire hanger or key. This could be placed on a peg or on a cabinet for all to admire. The wire is removable. This could be modified for all of the holidays. Let me know if interested in purchasing one of these and which holiday you would like: Valentine's Day (heart), Easter (egg), St. Patrick's Day (clover), Fourth of July(flag), Halloween (pumpkin), Thanksgiving (Turkey), or Christmas (snowman). Holiday fabrics/Tags/Accessories will vary. Let me know if you would like something specific written on the tag. I will offer this item on my selling website
for $14.95 with free shipping within the USA. If ordering from outside of the US, shipping charges will apply. Send me an email before purchasing the item and I will invoice you.
Thank you!! Patti

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