Friday, March 26, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday-The Letter J

~~I must think of all the "J" words that come to mind...but won't bore you with mega pics...
 so here goes~~

Josh, Joshua, Joshua little prince and baby boy, who is 9 yrs old. He is multi-talented and artistic!!
Jewelry: all kinds, especially austrian crystal and of course diamonds!
Junking...I mean antiquing...this is always so much fun...especially those curbside finds
Jelly beans...only the jolly rancher ones will do
Jumping....when I won 3 patterns from Kat's Country Prims!! and had first dibs on Poplar Street Prims mini annie collection purchase~~can't wait to get those cuties! ooooh I just bought them!!
Jungle...what my basement looks like right now...can't wait to have a sale soon
Journey....Isn't it amazing that we all have the priviledge to take a ride in this life!! I was a two pound six ounce preemie born in July instead of October....but grew up to be oh so healthy!!
okay, i just found this one cute pic (not me though)
Jake....the name of our fat guinea pig that is now in heaven husband makes venison jerky every year....boy do our dogs love that stuff...shhhh don't tell my husband that I sneak it to them!
Jade...a beautiful stone and my favorite
Jerk...the one who pulls out in front of me or doesn't stop!!
Journey...the first concert when I was in 7th grade....Buffalo Aud which is no longer!!
Jack-o-lantern..with a fancy facade that I love to carve at halloween
Jacuzzi tub that I have in my bathroom...once overfilled a jacuzzi with bubbles, in a hotel, while on an anniversary outing with hubby...he never lets me forget that!
Jasmine....a pretty flower and one of my favorite Disney movies....I love that Jasmine is tough, strong, independant and beautiful all at the same time!!
Jersey City, NJ...took a wrong turn and got lost in that city on my way home from visiting my BF many moons ago...I was terrified but got home safe. mother and I love anything that  has jalapenos in it....went to San Antonio, Texas and found jalapeno powder at the gift shop in the Alamo....she was so thrilled and ran out so fast...I still have some left....should get online and order some for her!! HOT, HOT, HOT stuff!

Have a great weekend Everyone!!


  1. Good Morning Patti,

    Thanks for sharing your "J" with us today. You had LOTS of them!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Well Patti you certainly did some brainstorming on you J's!~ Have a great weekend....eJOY!

  3. Love all the J words. I hope you have a great weekend!


  4. You've got quite a list there! I love Jasmine (frangipani) flowers too.

  5. wonderful selection of J words, i love Jasmine & Journey!

  6. wow, you hit tons of j words WTG :D

  7. You certainly came up with a great list of J words. Jade, jasmine, and journey are my favorites.

  8. I keep getting word verification.... Am I driving you crazy with double and triple comments? I'm so sorry if this is the case. I do really like your post.

    What great J words! I have a Josh too; and was born in July, premature (but not as much as you); and love jasmine, jewelry, and junking.... and wish I was in a jacuzzi right now. So many fun J words that I had forgotten about.

  9. Love this diverse J post.

    It is a veritable treasure of J's that you shared during J week!



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