Friday, March 5, 2010

Mrs. Matlock's Letter of the week: G

My favorite things or things that I must be doing soon..... that begin with the letter G:

Gardening: Oh how I can't wait to start digging in the dirt and planting those seeds, flowers, veggies and pumpkins!!

Green: Mine and my son's favorite color; any shade will do...oh yeah, the color of mine and my daughter's eyes (got those from my mother's mother~~thank you Grandma! :)

Gravy: a vice but so yummy when dipped with fries at the local diner

Green Grass: Makes me so happy to know that spring is near

Gown: reminds me that It's almost prom season for the girls this year

Graduation: Have two daughters graduating this year from high school. Better get going on the planning of the party.

Going to college: Both girls have decided that going to college for free is a good idea (where mommy works)!

Going to Tennessee: To celebrate my husband's parent's 50th wedding anniversary! Wow!! Now that's a long time!

Going to Graceland: Now I'm really excited about this!! Gotta see the home of Elvis.. and Get the souvenirs for my mother, of course (she used to blast the King when I was little, and I loved it too)!!

Garage: Must clean it out this spring and have a huge sale!!

Girl's night out...with my six pack friends...we try to do this a few times a year!!

Gambling...what I'm going to do in Las Vegas in September...on my down time at a Nursing conference!! Not too much though...Oh yeah...Go see a show too...That's always fun...saw Mamma Mia last time in Vegas with my friend Annette..what fun!

Going swimming in the pool...can't wait for those 80 degree days....ahhhhhh Sunshine please come soon!!
(pics to follow)

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  2. Sounds like a lot Going on in your life and the life of your Girls this spring and summer. Hope those days and events are precious. Like your G words a lot and love Going swimming too (except they way I look in a bathing suit part). Have a Great day!

  3. what a whole lot of G's to look forward to. how nice that your girls can go to collage for free! that is a great benefit you have!

  4. I am sorry I missed this post! You did put a lot of work into it!


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