Sunday, March 7, 2010

Summer Picnic Ragg Quilt

I finished the quilt at around midnight last night; just in time for the cub scout pancake breakfast this morning. I love the way that It came out. Josh is sick with a stuffy nose so Daddy had to go without him. We've raised $50 so far! The raffle will be drawn in June so we have more time to do fundraising. I have at least three more ragg quilts that I want to make: beach theme, a chenille pumpkin quilt and a pirate quilt (guess who that's for?)


  1. I love the quilt you made! You did a wonderful job on it. Thank you for sharing it with us! ~Dan~

  2. Patti: It's beautiful! Looks like you did a great job! I hope that it makes quite a bit for the scouts! Miss you all!

  3. You are so talented and patient to do these quilts, I just could not do it! Oh it looks so nice and cozy though!~


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