Sunday, May 16, 2010

Americana Firecrackers and Candle Plates

What a beautiful, sunny day it was today.....I painted, sanded and stained outside...whoohoo!!  It was a bit windy at times and some of the firecrackers went flying but I was happy because it was warm and sunny.... I must say that I did not like the little, light brown spiders that were crawling all over the table and on me though!! PS Did I mention that I have two best friends from last summer? electric sander and an awesome compound miter saw with a laser light!! I had a ball with those today!!

I made 30 primitive wooden firecrackers for the upcoming holidays..... I love the way that they came out. I have to complete them by attaching the "fuses" though......I will bundle them up in 3's with a tie and prim tag. they will look so cute as bowl fillers. For the tutorial go to The Picked Pepper Patch 5/20/09 post. These are so easy to make and you don't have to worry about being perfect with the painting!! Oh and the post above it will tell ya how to keep the critters out of your garden...I am so getting some marigolds for my garden!!

I've also been working on some Americana plates, which I have painted and drybrushed...I will add a handpainted black "cinnamon dipped" tealight for the plate with some pip berries...


  1. So glad you had a nice day to get some projects done...I look forward to seeing your projects. Thanks for posting my giveaway! Give you another entry:)

  2. Such a fun blog you have! I loved seeing all your crafts!

  3. Didn't know if you'd be checking back for an answer so I'll answer here on your blog. We will be keeping all the baby mice and will have a boy and girl cage so no more babies. :-)

  4. Patti funny you mentioned lilly dale, I have a post on it on my blog...been there, done that, would not go back....but maybe now I would feel different it was so very long ago.....


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