Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Look what came in the mail today....

I was so excited to see a wonderful package on my front porch today....love the star packaging...


Jenn from Bittersweetprims and I did a swap.... she is so creative and extremely generous. Here are the gorgeous prim pretties sitting in my new antique trug for a group pic....

Jenn~~they just love their new home and are happily settled....Sweet Annie is in my living room...She is just so sweet and smells fab too....Her new friend Miss Primbear is glad that she is here...and waiting to be primmed up too at some point...

The Garden Angel is near my front door....so I can see it all the time!! Don't you just love her, I do!! She is holding a sweet crow and beehive...She smells so good too~!

I loooove this prim patriotic star...smells so wonderful...yes, I have to change up the wreath behind it...

So check out Jenn's selling blog to see what other prim goodies that she has to offer @ Yankeeridgeprimitives



  1. Don't you just love surprises! The're cute..

  2. YAY! You got it:)
    I pinned annies sweet annie on her apron just for transport. Im so glad they made it, I had them squished in there pretty good!

    Thank you again for all of my goodies!!

    For the bed springs, Ive got tons of them:)

  3. hey jenn i did plant some basil ,hollyhocks sweet peas ,lemon basil,spearamint,lemon balm and some other annual flowers as well.i hope they take .we do real good with our perrinenial beds but i have a brown thumb with seeds.lol .i been looking everywhere for sweet annie seeds since i see everyone using it but no luck yet,maybe this weekend i will get lucky.tahnks for visiting.have a great night and god bless michelle

  4. oh wow i just realized i goofed(not the first time)i was reading your post again and typed jenn instead of patti too late now.oops patti have a laugh on me lol oh yeah and i forgot to tell u i luv the song on here too.god bless michelle


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