Thursday, May 27, 2010

Miss Primbear

  Here's a pattern that I designed last fall. I love bears and wanted something small and cute to put in wooden boxes, baskets or where ever. She is made of kunin plush felt...Her head and body are one piece. Her muzzle, arms and legs are all sewn on. Her eyes, nose and mouth are handstitched with brown floss. She is about 13 inches from ear to foot. She also has a homespun bow and a rusty heart for that prim look...Here is the before and after....What do you all think?...should I put a matching apron on her or leave her undressed?                            

COFFEE/VANILLA/CINNAMON BATH: She took awhile to dry..... first in the oven on 215 degrees for about 20 minutes then out in the sun today....

Here she is all primmed out:

I appreciate your comments!


  1. patti she is so cute,i luv her little heart on her.she would look cute with or without apron just dont cover that darling heart.have a good some more stuff planted today and we finished a divider fence in backyard so the doggies will have one half and i get the other,so i started some more flower beds in back today.too much work for me lol.god bless michelle

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