Thursday, June 3, 2010

A few things that I made recently....

I love salt dough bowl fillers so I made these: I low lighted the bee skeeps and high lighted the crows using a dry brush technique. I also dry brushed the sheep and sunflowers. The melons give it a nice contrasted color....

I just love handmade lamps made from terra cotta pots.....I drybrushed the pot and then used a fiskars punch for the prim star in a reversed fashion to make a stencil template. I free handed the crow, cut it out and used it as a stencil as well. I painted the country candle body with burnt umber to give it a more prim look. I may put some words on the bottom rim....I also will shade the stars.

Here a cute grungy, muslin ladybug hanger with smells of coffee and cinnamon. I left the edges raggedy and I also sanded the painted piece afterwards

Here are two wooden Americana plates. I've had these for ages because I couldn't figure out what to paint on them without covering up the incredible texture of these plates (found at AC moore for .75 each/on sale). I finally decided to basecoat then drybrush to keep the amazing texture. I hope you will be able to see it in the pic. I free handed the star then outlined them with a liner brush. Very primitive and patriotic don't you think? I also did not want to cover up the whole plate with a candle ring so I put a painted tealight in the center.

I made a peg hanger out of coffe/vanilla/cinnamon baked muslin and the salt dough pieces...I love that little watermelon at the end....what do you think?

I'm hysterical...take a closer look...can you find my mistake? I painted the sheep backwards (I believe). I do like the flat faced sheep better though. I'm just sayin that the pointed part is the "tail". Do you think anyone will notice? hehehe

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  1. patti they look so good!now when u made them did u use a cookie cutter for the shapes or freehand cut them?they are fantastic i would luv to try and make some.the sheep looks fine have a great night god bless michelle


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