Friday, June 25, 2010

Flower Garden and Grinder Bench....

Here's what I found at an antique sale's a grinder bench...can you see the square pegs where the legs were placed? Years ago they wet the legs and when they dried they were kept in place!  I just love it! Will probably go in my booth with some wood crates and wood plank on top for more display room. Do you think that I should paint and/or stain it?

Also, here is my front flower garden...I'm trying to develop an English garden like the ones in Martha's Vineyard....Mine is full of knockout roses (very easy to grow and are everbearing til even after a frost!), orange lilies, butterfly bush, blanket flower, climbing roses (near the garage), delphenium (tall spikey blue/purple ones planted from seed), yellow day lilies, butterfly flower (they have reseeded everywhere from just one flower; almost annoyingly too much).

I also have a wisteria bush (but no flowers yet), Sunflowers, climbing clematis, wigela, and perennial snapdragons (so very fragrant and reseed themselves even though they are supposed to be annual). They also make great drieds for crafting. I also planted some new English daisies but they are very small and in the front. There are also some little yellow and orange flowers but I don't remember the names......Looks like I have to clip those climbing roses in the background! What else goes well in an English Garden?


  1. love the bench patti!i wouldnt do anything to it ,its gonna look perfect with your creations displayed on it.Hollyhocks are my absolute fav cottage garden flower.they are good for backgrounds cause they get so tall and tons of breathtaking flowers.have a great weekend.blessings michelle

  2. I have never seen a grinder bench before. That is a neat piece. I agree with Michelle, I wouldn't do anything to it.

    I have knockout roses also. They are hardy so they grow well for me. Hehe! As a matter of fact, we went to Lowe's a couple of weeks ago and bought 8 more because they had them on sale half off. I don't know anything about an English garden but I do know that yours is beautiful! I love all the splashes of color everywhere.

  3. I would also leave the bench the way it is. I
    love the earthy, primitive look in my flower
    garden too.

  4. I love wooden items in my flower beds. I have
    a huge flower bed in our front yard, and
    across the middle my husband and I together
    built a covered bridge. I also built a water-
    wheel in another flower bed. We get alot nice
    comments. This winter I built a bench from tree
    'limbs and pine to put in between my flower


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