Saturday, June 12, 2010

My finds from today...

I went to a few yard sales today and this is what I found:

Find of the day...Salem Collection treenware repro....50 cents woot, woot!! (I added the tealites) of the candle holders has a crack but not too's replaceable

Cradle was $5, muck crates $1/ea, shelf $10 (was asking $20)...will paint the shelf and cradle black, then stain and distress.

Very large tin lantern $6 (think it's from Audreys), and cute shelf (will paint black of course) $6...not too thrilled with the heart but I will like it better in black....all for $28.50...more sales tomorrow....yay!!


  1. Wow Patti - what bargains.
    I know what the Treenware candle holder and the tin light cost so you really did get a good deal.

    Hugs, Karen

  2. Wow what terrific finds! Love that tin lantern!

  3. you did do great patti!i luv the candle holder.and that new cradle of yours is gonin to look so good with one of your dolls in it.thats what i want to do with my new bench is get a doll to sit on it.great finds sweetie.have a great weekend.blessings

  4. Whoa! You made out gal:) I love that colonial peg shelf. Nice! Check out what my friend Deb did with a shelf she picked up while junkin'.
    http:// proper-prim .blogspot. com

  5. I totally love everything you got!!!

    Looks like stuff I would bring home and get the "You got MORE stuff" look from Mr. Jenny ;-)

  6. WOW, look at all of that! LOVE the shelf, been trying to get hubs to make me one like that for months now! Yep, Kindle is 17, will be a senior this coming yr!! Then Ive got Isabella, going into 1st and Domonic, going into Pre-k!


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