Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Other Finds From Yesterday....

Here are a couple more pics of what I found yesterday and the sales....

25 cents for both !! will spray paint them black and paint something on them...they have nice handles for hanging on the wall...

I think that this is a milk stool....$3.00

Here's the seat of the milk very prim!!


  1. Like that stool! Hope you will show us what you do with the pans :)

  2. ooh i luv the stool!i left you a reply on my blog but i will here too just in case,no that wasnt me .thats my oldest daughter Arielle.shes gonna be 16 in dec.just got her permit and is drivin me batty to drive lol.shes doing pretty good though,since she learned to use just one foot not two(i think she thought she was a race car driver in a past life lol).have a great week.blessings michelle

  3. so cute!!!! Yes show us what you do with them i'm intersted now!!!! Hugs casey

  4. Hi Patti...thanks for dropping by today! On those watermelon I use Delta Tomato Spice. It's a red, but when baked in the oven it dries it out to a pinkish red color. To get those markings you need to make sure you use a dense polyfill...not that silky, poofy type of polyfill. I like Mountain Mist...if you have a Hobby Lobby nearby, think they sell. ~~Annie

  5. Good morning Patti....fabulous finds!
    I love the milk stool....haven't seen one of those in just ages.


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