Saturday, June 19, 2010

Okay Ladies ~~I found a miracle....

I inherited my maternal grandmother's "bad feet". I seem to have progressive foot pain mainly in the arches and now the heels (plantar fascititis-inflammation of the fascia (thick tissue which connects the heel bone to the toes) on the plantar surface (bottom part) of the foot...  and need shoes/sandals that are not completely flat......I just bought a pair of FitFlops from Bath and Body Works and must tell you that I've been wearing them for the past two days during my yard sale....I have not had any foot pain AT ALL....they are fabulous and I highly recommend them....They have been advertising them as "workout" sandals and I must tell you that they are the most comfortable sandals I have ever owned. They claim to burn calories, and shape and tone the muscles...that is the added benefit since my foot pain was priority!! They are a bit pricey but worth every penny.... $39.75 with $5.99 shipping. They are normally $49.99 (I saw the product pitched on  KathiLee & Hoda and ordered them right away).... When they arrived, I ripped the box open in front of my yard sale customers and put them right on....they were so happy for me. LOL.... I wore them the whole 2 days walking on my stone driveway all day long and the bottoms do not have one pit marking on them. They are high quality! I purchased the Oasis Chocolate suede pair (as pictured below) and will probably order another pair in black....They have clogs too.

Hope that this helps others with foot pain as well!!
ps they must be worn in the house as well especially if you have non carpeted many of us do!


  1. Those look great....feet can be a big problem....I have a friend who is on her third foot fun!

  2. They are SUPER cute also Patti! I hope they continue to keep you pain free. I may have to give these a try but the heel looks a little too high? I have to pretty much have flats in shoes. I wonder if they sell these in the store where I could try them?

  3. Jenn: They have them at Dicks....but they were $ could try them on there (if they aren't out of stock)...they go fast...I called locally and they didn't have the ones that I wanted...the heel isn't really that high; I think it's about 1 1/2 inches but slopes down to the shape of the foot.

  4. So glad you found some sandals that feel good on your feet and relieve some pain. It's horrible when your feet hurt...I have a pair of crocks that I wear in the house because I can't walk bare foot anymore.


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