Friday, June 25, 2010

Research Findings......

Here's what I discovered about Mountain Mist Fiberfill.....

  • I use less of it versus using the poly fill
  • It stays inside of the project better than poly fill
  • Found it wholesale @ Marshall's Dry Goods 1-888-744-8277 (do not need your Tax ID number to order). They do not offer ordering online but only via phone order.
  • Comparision shopping results: The five pound box is $11.21 with $7.79 shipping, A case of 12 (20 oz bags) is $39.43 plus $10.46 shipping.
I ordered a 12 twenty ounce bag/case (240 oz or 5 lbs) versus ordering 3 five pound boxes (also 240 oz or 5 lbs), because the shipping was $10.46 on the case versus $7.79 per 5 lb box or $23.37!!


  1. Ya know...I used to hate the polyfil but was forced to buy it 2 week ago as I ran out of MG! It stuffs round heads SO MUCH NICER than MG did. I cant actually get a ROUND head instead of a pumpkin shaped one! I dont like the polyfil because when you pull it apart tiny pieces go all over ya and it is itchy AND it is very hard to get into tiny spaces. BUT, with making the round heads actually round I think it outweighs the bad:)

    Ill be at the shop tomorrow between 10 and 10:30, Ive got a bunch of rearranging to do!

  2. boy u sure have done your homework lol.i used old pillow stiffing for my dolls.but i will keep my eye out for that brand thanks sweetie.blessings michelle


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