Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm working on some crackle signs....Here are three that I've completed today:

1. Primitive Life...
2. Sweet Annie
3. Wash Room

I will add a black wire hanger to the top for hanging....These were separate pieces of 1/4 plywood, sanded down, edges rounded then painted on stencils using my sizzix machine and "fun serif" alphabet letters (I used the reverse die as a stencil)....I haven't used my sizzix machine much for years and never thought I would be using it for primitive crafting.... What do you think?
I will need to paint one for myself sometime....these are going into my booth.


  1. that wash room one is fantastic,well they all are but its my fav!great job!are you havin fun getting ready for your booth?blessings

  2. I wish I could work faster or clone myself....I'm a bit of a perfectionist but have to remember that primitive crafting isn't about perfection....that's one of the reasons why I'm drawn to it...thanks for the nice compliments Michelle!!

  3. well they all look fantastic too me.your doin a gret job have fun!

  4. I love those!!!

    You are wonderfully creative!!!!


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