Saturday, June 19, 2010

This is just the most amazing weekend.......

I just found out that I won yet another giveaway over @ Donna's Sweet Prairie Dwellings. I almost feel guilty but am excited to receive her amazing giveaway!!...Head on over and see all of her beautiful prims......

Here's a peak at the three prim candles:

I also headed out to a neighborhood sale today....had my hubby take over our yard sale for 1/2 hr...this is what I spied.....a beautiful copper bakers bowl from the 1970's....the owner told me that he used to be a baker back then and used this in his shop. Just look at the patina finish with hammered's heavy but I don't think that it is solid can see where it's worn off in some spots. It will go awesome with my newly won copper/wood prim soap stand from Firecrackerkid. Does anyone know anything about these copper bakers bowls?


  1. dont know anything about the bowl ,but i do know how fantastic donnas creations are.congrats patti!have a great weekend michelle

  2. Well WOW....ya lucky lil turd!
    Ide DEF hang on to that bowl, have never seen one like that before and you can use that in SO MANY displays!!!!

  3. I will since I paid $40 for it....a guy at the same sale (came right after me) said he deals in antiques and thinks it worth about $100....I don't care because I'm keeping it FOREVER or until I die. HeHeHe


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