Saturday, June 5, 2010

What's the buzz?

I finished six grungy bee bowl fillers....I painted muslin and used fiberglass screening....cut out the wings like a flower petal and pinned them with a rusty safety pin and bell. I also lightly added modge podge to the wings and sprinkled cinnamon on them then baked in the oven and walaa...cute prim bumbles....Did you notice that five of them have raggedy edges and one does not? I kinda like the raggedy edges better.


  1. patti they are fantastic.great job,those r sure to be a hit.have a great night im off to bed.blessings michelle

  2. These turned out awesome!
    The only berry scent I have is monkey farts and I think that may be what I used!

    The round head annie is $32, not sure if thats the doll you were asking about?

  3. Congrats on the Mill, where is that? I was in a "country" shop about 12 yrs ago in Elba but I think it closed and became Santinos?

    Im still hoping you get into CAA, I know youll do good there so I keep rooting for ya:)

  4. How cute are these? I love bee decor...hard to find too.


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