Sunday, July 11, 2010

I live for days like this.....

What a beautiful day today was.....loved being outside all day without humidity or rain! I wish we had this weather year round!

I had pumpkins growing on my deck.....prim pumpkins that is....was in and out of the pool all day in between stuffing them....Wait until you see their faces...Very cute! When they are complete I will post a pic.

My pumpkin patch is doing great from all the sun, heat and recent rain! This is half of the patch. We also have bumpy and bottleneck gourds, large head sunflowers (in the back row), asparagus, shallots and corn in this garden....

see my shadow? hehe!

Here are a few pics from my flower and veggie gardens!

I grew 32 string bean plants from seed...Beans, Beans, good for your eating these right in the garden! Will give many of them away!  

There's sugarbaby watermelon in the foreground and all kinds of peppers and plum & cherry tomatoes in the background!

picked four burpee seedless cucs today. this one is still growing (will pick it tomorrow)! Love these! Can't seem to get my DH and son to eat them though...more for me! hehe. also give many of these away....

More tomatoes (will try making sauce this year). Also will make fried green tomatoes with these smaller plums... Hope we don't get blight like last year! We also have peppers ~~sweet, hungarian wax, jalapeno & habanero~~I'm afraid of these guys as they are very HOT!

Close up of of my favorites...great in pepper and egg sandwiches!

We also have eggplant and soooo many zucchinis (picked at least 10 already)! Gotta make zucchini and chocolate chip bread! Yummy!

Sunflowers are my all time favorite summer flower! Grown from seed droppings!

Another beauty (again, grew by itself)!

Hydrangeas! love the flowers and leaves!

There's nothing like eating pizza for dinner, out on the deck, in 80 degree weather!

The End!
Hope you enjoyed peeking into my day! 


  1. Patti the garden looks amazing! I am jealous! we only have a balcony for now till we move home. Then who knows where we will be~ Have a great one!

  2. Your garden sounds so wonderful, so many good things to eat! Will you eat the pumpkins or use them for decorating? I would love to grow some huge sunflowers along my back fence. I think that would be wonderful. Your flowers are beautiful too.


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