Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just a punkin day.....

I made this sweet little punkin today....its a cross between Kentucky Prims, Sweetpea Prims and my own interpretation of what I wanted him to look like. I colorwashed, coffee dyed, cinnamon rubbed and baked him. He is also weighted with rice.I gave him stick arms & legs anchored with upholstery thread. He has a rusty star on his body, a cheescloth scarf and burlap with rusty bells & pins. He can sit on a stool like this one (to be primmed up) or sit on a shelf or cupboard when his legs are turned slightly....He still needs some shoes and maybe a banner or a little crow......He's 10 1/2 inches when sitting.

a closer look:


  1. He is just too cute for words! Awesome job!

  2. I could just hug this little guy! Hope all is well, and it is not too hot there....unbearable here. Debbie

  3. patti he is fantastic!u did a great job,i luv his eyes.have a great day .blessings michelle

  4. He matches that lil girl I made the other day!!! Hubby and wifey:)

  5. Oh Patti he is just as sweet as sweet can be! Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog today! I feel so much the way you do about giving back via a giveaway! It sure does the heart good to make another smile. xox

    Patti, I think I have caught the Fall bug too.. I long for those cool crisp nights when there is just a lil' something magical in the air. I guess that is why I love the 'tattered and torn, loved and worn' prims the very best of all. Prims like dried pumpkins, pantry cakes, dark cinnamon dusted candles and anything that looks as if it has a 100 years of grubby grunge on it! ha! I love the cozy prims.. The prims that make you think of a warm fireplace and something sweet baking in the oven...

    I look so forward to peeking into your blog, it is just lovely!


  6. P.S. Patti, your tags are just too cute to have to decide between the black or sepia! My goodness how exciting to be able to have a choice! I think if I were the lucky gal who won, I would be just thrilled with either, but if I had to pick, my heart leans towards the sepia because they look as though they have come from a time long long ago.. xox So lovely!

  7. So cute, Patti! I love him! You did a wonderful job making him!

  8. Patti~

    Wow!! He's a cutie. I've been away all week end, so just saw this guy. Love him!!


  9. thanks guys...he was fun and easy to make!

  10. omg I just love this guy...he is just the cutest........I just love your blog...
    I'm a follower...and I have your giveaway posted on my blog:

    Prim Hugs

  11. He is so cute and I just adore his little smile!


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