Saturday, July 17, 2010

Look What the Mail Lady brought today.....

I was so fortunate to win a fabulous giveaway over @ Southern Blessings. Beryl is truly a great talent! I saw the mail lady coming with a package today and squealed like a little girl!. My two puppies were very interested too:

Molly was wondering what was inside....

and Zoey was interested too...

Oh my....I couldn't open them fast enough.....Look at all of these terrific prim goodies!!!
Beryl even added an extra special treat....a sweet prairie doll!

I couldn't clean my shelf off fast enough!! Here they are all tucked into their new home where I can look at them everyday!!.....They are just fabulous!!...Beryl's work is exquisite....Here are more peeks of her wonderful work up close.....

Look at the cloves tucked into the, love those little mice...sweet!!

I just love this sweet prim cat on wheels...with the sweet little mouse!!

This sheep and crow are just too cute. It's very big! the muslin "wool" label. Look at the those nails....and that snout!!

This sweet sheep set is just too adorable with their wooden spool legs and stitched stars!!!

And Finally the secret surprise: A sweet prairie doll...Look how cute she is...She is my first prairie doll!

It felt like Christmas today for a prim girl!! I can't thank Beryl enough for the wonderful gifts!


  1. oh how cute patti.i was lucky enough to win one of her giveaways and she does do gorgeous work.molly and zoey r too cute.we got a zoey here as well,shes a tazmanian devil lol.have a great weekend blessings michelle

  2. Good Evening Patti Sweetie...
    OMG what a beautiful box of love you received today. Beryl has done a beautiful job with all of your gorgeous treasures.

    I love them all, but the one with the mice sure does tug at my heart. I will pop over and give Beryl a visit. Thank you for sharing with me tonight.

    Have a gorgeous Sunday.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  3. Patti~

    Love all your goodies from Beryl. She makes lots of awesome things. I think I'm a little bit jealous. LOL


  4. Oh how adorable! Beryl is so very talented, I just love her work. You are so fortunate to own some sweet things made by her. Congrats again!


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