Saturday, July 17, 2010

My first giveaway........

Hello blog honor of my upcoming forty something birthday and for being the recipient of some incredible giveaways, which I have received from some very talented people, I would like to have:

The Giveaway will be announced on August 7th

 I've made it a point to be even more giving to my "neighbors" (AKA people of this earth) this year by donating my time to others, giving things away, giving coupons to people in my line @ the craft shops, surprising the mail lady with a basil plant and such.  I have been blessed with great health, a wonderful family and winning several blogland giveaways.....

So are you all waiting for the goodies? Well let's just say that I love all things PRIM so here's what I've come up with.

Rules: Things to do for a chance to WIN:
1. Must be a follower and have commented at least once on my blog, other than for the giveaway, prior to August 7th  (word verification has been turned off-woo hoo!) If you've posted since January 2010, then you are good to go!
2. Live in the Continental US or Canada
3. Be a lover of all things PRIM !!!
4. Tell me what prims you enjoy finding the most
5. You must tell me whether you prefer sepia or black (see below)
6. You do not need to have a blog, but must leave an email address (so I can get ahold of you)
7. Winner must claim prize within 7 days (I will notify the winner by email) otherwise another winner will be selected.

It is not necessary to post on your blog (as that is too complicated for me to track) but you may if you wish)!


There will be several goodies in this giveaway......

Prim Friends, are you ready?.....

Here they are............

I would like to give away my original handmade sunflower make-do on a rusty spring. I hand dyed the muslin fabric. The flower and leaves were coffee dyed and vanilla scented then color washed. It has a prim "wrinkled" look to the fabric. It also has a hand dyed/cinnamon scented tag with homespun. It also has a primmed ladybug button attached to a rusty pin with a rusty bell in the center. The petals have been scrunched up for that prim look! I will use a dry cinnamon rub on the center prior to shipping it out! It measures 7x7 inches. It would look so cute as a cupboard piece, part of a table centerpiece, in a bowl with fabric crows, pumpkins or watermelon and sweet annie. The possibilities are endless!! (Hey, I should make one for myself too)! LOL....

Here's a close-up...isn't it just darling??

Here is the make-do on a small table with the other goodies:

Now on to the other goodies: I am also offering hand dyed (coffee), cinnamon scented, ink stamped sunflower & crow tags, approx 18 in total...I am offering these in either black or sepia. You must tell me your preference when you sign up for a chance to win.....

Here are the sepia tags:

Here are the black tags:
(they will also have the jute ties on them).

The third goody is a bottle of my apple cinnamon room spray....a small 2 oz bottle but it has a fine mist sprayer and lasts for months on end...I've been using one for almost a year!!

The final goody will be.....READY??

A fall themed~~handmade by me~~ tealight ditty bag!! Yeah!!
I just sent my swap partner the one that I made (several posts back)

The ditty bag will have cinnamon scented rosehips in the bottom to weight it.
(See my ditty bag tutorial several posts back if you'd like to make one).

Here it is sitting:

Or it can be a hanging dittybag:

Thank you all for taking the time to read this lengthy giveaway. I am close to 100 posts and close to 100 followers another reason to have a giveaway!!


  1. oh wow patti!what a great giveaway your having!count me in sweetie .i luv it all sooo much.the black is my fav but i would be delighted with either.the prims i like to find the most are of anything crow.i luv crows the most.have a great birthday!my youngest was just on the 13th ,she turned 10.thank you so much and i will keep my fingers crossed lol.blessings michelle

  2. Hi Patti, I am a fairly new follower and I did comment on a few posts. I would love to be included in your giveaway. Happy B-day to you!! I know how it feels to be forty something too!!lol. I love to read your blog and some great music.

    Prim Blessings,

  3. I am a lurker turned follower.
    I love prims. I have commented--BTW, love all Beryl's prims(have some myself)
    I love to find bargains so I am a Goodwill addict. wood, baskets, candle holders--things I can makeover. I prefer black over sepia. My email is:
    I am posting on my sidebar but I want this for my selfish self!
    There is still time on my giveaway. Come on over. ★ Linda ★

  4. Hi Patti, I'm fairly new too and don't comment on any unless I really have something to say and by the time I read all my favorites, the comment that I have, has already been said!!!! Happy Birthday and love your giveaway. Lois L.

  5. Thanks for the Bday wishes!!

  6. Hi Patti, just visited for the first time, saw the link on another site. Please enter me in the drawing, I would prefer the sepia if I win. I am going to post a giveaway soon, trying to get 100 followers. Please come for a vist when you can.

  7. Happy Birthday!!! I am a follower and love your blog!!!!! I like black, my favorite prim thing is hoosier cabinets and old kitchenware and mixing bowls. Please enter me in your awesome giveaway!!!!

  8. Hi Patti Sweetie...
    Well you know I am a long time follower. I love to come and see what cha been up to.

    I love the prim dolls, baskets and wooden bowls. Oh and my favorite would be the sepia ofcourse. And oh how I LOVE cinamon.

    Please add me to the giveaway. Oh I am crossing my fingers sweetie. I so love this one. The sunflower is beautiful. So beautiful.

    Here is my email addie:

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to win one of your precious gifts of love sweetie.

    Country hugs, Sherry

  9. Hi Patti, I would love a chance at your awesome giveaway.It was nice being in touch via e-mail. I weave baskets so I realy enjoy collecting old baskets but I also love crocks and wooden items. The sepia tags are my favorite. Have a wonderful week. Thank you for sharing your talents....Maureen

  10. Oh how I want to win this give away. LOL. I am a new follower, please enter me in your giveaway! Love your prims!

  11. Hi Patti, Thanks for signing up for my giveaway and the sweet comments you gave me. I LOVE your ditty bag ~ so cute and such a cute idea!! I love all things prim. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks so much!!

  12. Patti~

    What a wonderful giveaway. I just love that ditty bag. I would love to be entered for a chance to win. I think I would prefer black.


  13. Wow Patti! You got a great giveaway going on chickie! That ditty bag is too cute. What an awesome job you did. I would love to be entered in your lovely giveaway. Oh, and I think black verses sepia. And the prims I like finding most are old bowls or anything beat up and worse for ware really. LOL. I love things that look like they have a good story to tell. I am going to return the plug for my giveaway by putting yours on mine sweetie. Have a great week!


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  15. Hi Patti
    Found your blog through another blog. I just love the items in your giveway. Please enter me into your giveaway. I just started a blog myself and still trying to figure out exactly how it works.

  16. Hahahaha...I like Linda's comment..."I'm a lurker turned a follower"! That's hilarious!

    Hey, I'm a follower. I've just become a lover of all things prim since beginning my teddy bear blog a few months back! Seems the prim folks are the ones who love to chat and stay in touch the most!

    The black tags are lovely and I love crows and bunnies for the most part. My prim collection has been started and I hope to keep it growing.

    I will post about your giveaway on my blog just as you did for mine!

    My email address:

    Good luck everyone!!
    Thanks Pattie

  17. Discovered your blog by way of your give-away, but am so glad I found you. Love it!

  18. Now to your awesome give-away.....not that I ever win a thing, but whoever wins will love it. I love prim dolls, snowmen, Americana, stitcheries, just most everything. And, I appreciate those talented enough to figure out blogs because I find it overwhelming. Good luck in everything you do and Blessings!

  19. Oyyyyyyy Myyyyyyyy, I LOVE your giveaway! I wish I could make things like that, I love anything that is homemade because I know there is alot of work and love put into them. The sunflower is amazing!

    I collect old crocks, baskets, the older the better. I found an old ice maker dated in the late 1800's I think that is VERY,VERY prim!
    I also collect old quilts because you don't know who was using them and who made them and there is always a story behind one., I have an old quilt I bought from a woman and the quilt was her great great grandmother's and was past down to finally her and we asked her why she was selling it and it is because she doesn't have a daughter and her son has a family and her DIL wouldn't appericate it, when we went to pay her I hugged her and told her it has a GREAT home and I will always tell the story about this quilt. As I went to pay her she put her hand up and said NO, it is pricless and I know it is going to a GREAT home and we both started crying,so my husband and I thanked her and she thought she wouldn't see us again because remember it was a yardsale but the next day we went to her home with a dozen of yellow roses and a gift cet. to a super market that is why she was having the yard sale her husband passed a one ago and things we hard for her, she called me her Angel and we talk all the time, so just bcause of a quilt I even got something even more pricless a friendship with a woman that is lonely and we have brought joy and a smile back in her life, as well as she as for us. Sorry for that long story!!

    I would love to be entered in your giveaway!!!


  20. Hi and thanks for the heads up on your giveaway---so nice!!!!!!I just posted it to my blog. As for black vs sepia----sepia!
    Love all things prim. AM a follower.....
    Have a wonderful day, month, year!

  21. I am now following your blog. Thank you for your Free Vintage labels post, that's what I commented on. I am enjoying exploring all around blogland for "all things prim." Any prim with watermelon or a ladybug featured is my favorite, and all grungy items. Sepia is my like. Thank you for this most generous giveaway.

  22. 1. Must be a follower and have commented at least once on my blog, other than for the giveaway, prior to August 7th (word verification has been turned off-woo hoo!) If you've posted since January 2010, then you are good to go!
    That's me... I'm good to go!

    2. Live in the Continental US or Canada
    I was born on the 4th of July in the good ole USA.

    3. Be a lover of all things PRIM !!!
    That I am!

    4. Tell me what prims you enjoy finding the most.
    Totally handmade with TLC primitives.

    5. You must tell me whether you prefer sepia or black (see below)

    6. You do not need to have a blog, but must leave an email address (so I can get ahold of you)
    moonbatty[at]hotmail dot com

    7. Winner must claim prize within 7 days (I will notify the winner by email) otherwise another winner will be selected.
    No problem here... I'll be right on it.

    Thank you Patti for your kind generosity:)

  23. Hey Patti, I think I signed up for your giveaway, but if not I'll do it again LOL!! Love your giveaway ~ it's so cute, especially the ditty bag, love that!! I'll post it on my sidebar too! Have a great weekend!!

  24. Hi Patti,

    I love your giveaway please enter me into the drawing...I think I'm a follower I tried to check but didn't see it on your blog anywhere???
    I will post this giveaway on myside bar on my blog:

    Prim HUgs

  25. I just love your blog and want to thank you for letting me enter your giveaway. I have left a comment, am a follower, have added to my blog. I love old cabinets and old kitchenware and old wooden bowls anything wooden and old is great. But my fav. is old gameboards. I perfer the sepia but black is beautiful also. Thanks for letting me enter. Debbie

  26. Wow! What a great giveaway. I am now a follower and have posted on your blog. I like the sepia color better. My favorite items I love to find are vintage doilies and prim dolls. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks, Valerie

  27. Please enter me in your giveaway. I am a follower, live in the US, have commented on your blog. I perfer sepia and love ANYTHING prim

  28. wow patti a great giveaway I can't believe I almost missed this one.
    I am a follower I live in the USA. I love all prims, love to find vintage items and handmade prims. I will post on my sidebar. Thank you for the chances to win.

  29. and my email is

  30. Oh wow!! So glad I am catching up on your blog (I am SO far behind!!), I barely made it here to enter your giveaway! I would be a good candidate because I am a lover of all things PRIM! =] The prims I enjoy hunting for the most are wooden pieces... bowls, totes, boxes, trays, plates. I just adore all colors, shapes, and sizes.

    Your tags are so cute! I love both colors but if I was to win, I think I would prefer the black. I need to get my stamps out and use them more in my prims. I love how you use yours so much on so many of the things you make.

    Such a wonderful giveaway! I hope I'm not to late, if so... that's what I get for being so far behind. Hehe! Oh, just in case... here is my email address: Thanks Patti!


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