Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another Punkin man......

Here's a punkin guy I've been working on for awhile....he was clothesless and faceless for WEEKS......but now is almost complete....I decided to make candycorn buttons (I have to paint the button holes). He also needs a stem and leaves on top!....The body is from a crows roost snowman pattern and the face is from a Moons Child's Primitives pattern.....He can lean or hang...

A Closeup:


  1. oh hes so handsome patti!i luv the buttoms yummy make the cutest stuff.i did finish your sheep almost.... still got to paint .he s so big and cute so far.blessings michelle

  2. Oh Patti Sweetie...
    I love this little Pumpkin Man. I didn't see him in your shop I went and looked. Are you going to add him? He is priceless. That face alone makes you smile. How absolutely precious he is.

    You have such talent sweet friend. Love the candy corn buttons and his litte britches.

    Thank you so much for sharing with me sweet friend. I have been smiling alot lately. I see my Flower HOPE and just smile. Thank you sweet friend.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. Pretty cool lookin guy! It's getting to be that time again!!!

  4. Thanks everyone~he's pretty big~almost 22 inches tall and kinda wide (as a pumpkin should be)...his final touches will be a stem and leaves. He will be able to hang on a door/wall...I will be putting him in one of my booths and may think about possibly listing him as a custom order on my website....

  5. Very cute Patti! I love everything about him! The clothes are perfect, the face is darling, and the candy corn buttons just complete the whole look.


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