Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prim Punkin light.....

Here's a grungy coffee/colorwashed pumpkin with a painted tealight in the center surrounded by rusty star n pip berries with green moss. Autumn is near!!


  1. I can smell it in the Carolina air...coming soon Patti...cute pumpkin...I love the little flickr candle.

  2. what a cute pumpkin Patti.I LOVE IT!have a great week sweetie,hows your booth been goin?great I bet. blessings michelle

  3. Hey Patti,
    Love this punkin!! We're putting punkin centerpieces on the tables at my daughter's baby shower. Thanks so much for the suggestion!!
    Your Prim Friend,

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Patti your Pumpkin light is gorgeous !!! You are such a talented lady!!!!

  5. Patty, That is very cute - what a good idea. ~Ann

  6. Thanks everyone....very easy to make....I bought several 20 count packages of tealights last Fall at BJ's for only $9.99 less than .50 cents a piece, then painted with burnt sienna acrylic and sealed...could prob use spices and wax dip too...gotta use em' up! working on a tealight witch hat next...


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