Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cute Fabric Punkins....

Look at how cute these upholstery fabric punkins are....I found them over @ The Cottage Home
They will have to be primmed up though....I'll be going to Joann's to see what I can find in the home decor dept....

And look @ these PAPER PUNKINS...............so cute!! Found over @ Just Make Mine Lime

PS...I'm still waiting to hear from TWO of my giveaway winners...Please contact me so I can send out your packages...otherwise I will need to draw two more names this Friday....winners have until this Friday @ 5pm to contact me.


  1. Those are so cute Patti.You got your coupons ready.Have fun.blessings michelle

  2. won't need em' for clearance items, girly!! hehe

  3. I still have a chance to win!!!??? hahaha
    Someday (soon, I hope) going to my BIL's as he lives way back in and we ride around on the ATV just for fun. But, haven't been down there doing that since last summer. Ever since a pheasant hen was following us. Freaked... me.... out!!!!!! Hopefully, she's long gone!!!! Lois L.

  4. Thank you for sharing Patti,Ok so there is still a chance to win on the sweet annie LOL. I actually jumped on here to say congrats to the winners

  5. Hi, I just emailed you my address. Thank you so much. Cyndy

  6. Hey Patti,
    Those are cute!! I love pumpkins, every color and pattern. 8-)

  7. Patti,
    This is Oodlekadoodle Primitives and you wanted to know about how the dark spots got there. Try sprinkling instant coffee very lightly on your item.

  8. Cute pumpkins! I agree... need a lil' prim touch on them. =]


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