Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Prim Punkins....

Here are some prim punkins that I made for my booths....made out of "tangerine" fleece (on sale @ joann's for $2.99 yd).....I made 12 all together with 2 yards.... added really thick grapevine for stems...mostly tilted to give them a dimensional look....I grunged them up with a coffee/vanilla mixture....rubbed cinnamon on them randomly while still wet then baked them in the oven...I also used coffee dyed jute for the "wedges".....draped and hot glued spanish moss on the tops randomly...added hand dyed "avocado" colorwash (scented with coffee & vanilla) cheesecloth...pulled & ripped randomly to give that vintage look....I also added dyed ~n~stamped punkin tags after the pic was taken...Can be displayed through Thanksgiving...They are approximately 9 1/2 inches tall by 10 inches wide....
I also made one of these into a tealight punkin with rusty stars and pip berries...will post the pic later....still on my camera...


  1. Looks great! You have been busy, I'm impressed...

  2. Very nice! They should sell well for you!


  3. Patti, these are awesome! Wish I lived close enough to shop in your booth - one of these pumpkins would be coming home with me.

    Autumn Blessings,

  4. Love your little punkins! I made some last year that I kept similar to yours, then I made another large batch recently, using various fall color prints and processed the same way. They are so fun to add just about anywhere aren't they?
    Have a wonderful day~

  5. Very cute! What a great idea to use avocado cheesecloth to resemble leaves. You got quite a few out of that 2 yards and they look like they are pretty good size.


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