Saturday, September 4, 2010


If you LOVE sunflowers like I do and you have planted them or are thinking of planting some next can use them in your prim crafting creations....They must be dried first though...
Here's what I learned recently.....dry the sunflower heads UPSIDE DOWN....that way the petals won't flop towards the back. Depending on what you'll use them for, you can cut them down at the lower stem or just
at the flower head......

Here they are drying UPSIDE DOWN:

and here they are RIGHT SIDE can see that some are still drying so I fllipped them back over to finish drying but wanted to show you before all of your flowers....go to the yellow finches have been feasting on my sunflowers like crazy....You can also seal them, once dried, with spray sealer....
have fun creating with SUNFLOWERS !!


  1. Cool tip. Never thought of using real dried sunflowers. I'll have to have the hubby plant some on our 6 acres next year.


  2. oh yes Dee, It's a must with all that land...I've been out in the country now for 3 three yrs and love it!! I dreamed of tons of sunflowers for so long! It's so cool seeing all the birds eating the seeds too! I have large headed ones out in my punkin patch (and usually line my veggies garden with them too) I planted the smaller ones out front near the window...they reseed every year out front thanks to thos lil' birdies droppin' the seeds that I haven't had to plant any in two years)....I save the seeds from the large headed ones and plant those every year in the gardens)...have fun next year!
    ps.. we had a guy recently stop and ask my husband if he could buy some sunflowers for this daughters wedding (was her theme) and he said "my wife would kill me if I cut them all down"!! I was shopping at the time and didn't hear my phone! Can you believe that??

  3. Thanks Patti for all the tips! I didn't realize they are so easy to dry. I will be planting some but probably not till next year. I researched it this summer but I knew I wouldn't have time to mess with it or figure out exactly where I want them.


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