Thursday, October 28, 2010

Apple Cinnamon Ornaments

Check out this cute recipe for deliciously scented Apple Cinnamon ornaments
I found it by way of one of my favorite blogs: Just Something I Made
She even made a cool handbag from two shirts. I've been looking at clothing in different ways lately....There are so many ideas out there! I've recently purchased some old wool men's jackets, women's wool sweaters/vests just for the yummy wool and all those prim projects. Does anyone know how to clean and get rid of the critters which may be lurking in these wool garments? All I know is not to wash them in hot water and not to dry them...other than that I don't know what soap to use, etc. Any ideas would be welcomed.
Thanks! Patti


  1. Okay everyone...I just learned a few kill wool larva~~ freeze the garments/fabric in the freezer or put them outside on a winter's cold here today... about 46 but that temp won't kill those darn worms!!....Also store the wool with black pepper or cedar chips....think I will go to home depot today and get some cedar chips! patti

  2. Patti - Thanks for your nice comments earlier on my blog - do you have any information on the show in Bath? The trip to Letchworth would be about 4 hours for us (gotta get around all those lakes) so I don't think I would like to do that one, but I am open to the one in Bath - that is only about an hour.
    Have a great weekend!


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