Sunday, November 28, 2010


Here's where I put a few of the new Santas....on grapevine star hangers....The Santas are completely hand stitched/needle glue was used....I made this guy last...made a "mouth and lip" area with the needle felted wool.

This is my first time making Santas with wool and I love how they all look so different.


  1. Good job Patti, I like them on the stars!!

  2. VERY cute!!! Dont be afraid of wont hurt ya:)
    I use it alot, not sure what the big deal is about it but it works well for alot of things!

  3. Wow. This looks so cool! Amazing job!

  4. Patti I LOVE your creations! You are so talented!
    Hugs Libby

  5. Love your creations and a fun blog!...Boy your one busy woman! Thanks for visiting my blog and the answer to your question of what I used for the frosting on my cinnamon rolls is white hot glue sticks. Gives it realism and let me tell you the hot glue is not the only thing that drools when I use it...LoL! :)

  6. Adorable Santa's Patti! I was thinking I really like how the wool makes them look different. I'm sure you made the grapevine stars too, you crafty person you! =]

  7. oh no, I bought those stars...but I'm sure they'd be easy enough to them before I knew I had so much grapevine behind my house...I will maybe try making them next summer. Thanks Ang!!


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