Friday, November 5, 2010

Snowman~n~Tealight Envelope Grapevine Door Hanger

Snowman door hanger made by Me.....

I recently purchased a new (new to me) W&N called warm and bond...It's sooo thick...$11.99/yd but used 40% off cp.

I machine stitched the face very crudely onto the batting, which I backed with muslin then added another piece of batting for the back, sewed all the way around, slit the back and turned RSO. I did not feel the need to "stuff" him because he is so thick....I added sweet annie in the back of the coffee~n~baked muslin envelope, which smells divine!! Ming garland was added to the front of the envelope and looped around the rusty pins to make it look "festive". The envelope was handstitched with red floss all the way around the border. The grapevine wreath was harvested and made by me. The tealight looks so nice in the front when lit. Right now I have it in my front hallway and love looking @ it with it's nice glow. I like it so much that I want to keep it but know that I have to stock my booths! Will probably add a tag: "You melt my heart"


  1. Oh I just love him Patti!You did a wonderful job.blessings michelle

  2. Too cute! Love the little tea light in there, what a great idea. Deb

  3. How adorable Patti. You need to make a pattern and sell it to us LOL!!


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