Friday, November 5, 2010

Well I feel Sheepish.....

Just went onto my blog today and turned on the volume.....have heard my playlist before but stumbled upon a song that somehow replaced another one that I picked from this ""....I was appalled @ the lyrics...very R rated!!!...NOT the song that I I apologize if anyone was offended. I certainly was shocked and needless to say, have taken it off. I now believe that somehow the songs do get replaced so check your songs now and then. Have a great weekend everyone! Patti


  1. hey sweetie didnt even notice.I did now see you got the phantom of the opera on there.I love the movie with Girard Butler.Its ctually one of my favs,the kids hate when I watch it but I just cant resist.Have a great day.blessings michelle

  2. Hi Michelle: I've seen Phantom in the theater in Toronto, Buffalo, and next show will be in NYC...I just love the musical...If you haven't seen it live..I highly recommend it...esp in the theater district in times square!I also have the Phantom movie and my 10 yr old just rolls his eyes and says he doesn't like it! ;)


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