Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Christmas Surprise....

Just wanted to share with you all what my wonderful husband surprised me with today...Christmas Roses...They are so beautiful but not as beautiful as the card and sentiment he'd written...I cried! He's a beautiful soul and I am truly blessed to have him in my life.
Notice my two nativity sets? My mother gave those to me when my daughter was a baby (she's 18 now). I treasure them and display each one every year because Jesus' Birthday is the reason for Christmas. They are both from Avon. I did have a vintage looking nativity but gave it to my SIL years ago. I could kick myself now but am glad that she has it. I will be on the look out for more at the summer sales. A few years ago my molly (cockapoo) chewed the "purple" king a bit (on the right). Both my daughter and son played with this set when they were little (actually Josh still does and he's 10). The other nativity is a ceramic set. They are usually not displayed together but wanted you to see both. Also wanted you to notice Josh's paper snowflakes in the background (some look like snow butterflies). We made them into a snowflake garland.

Now onto the non-sappy stuff. Has everyone finished their shopping? I have, yay! Josh and I will bake tomorrow. He's been busy making me a beautiful Christmas snowflake wreath..well he's on to the second one now. Let's just say that I found some foam snowflakes left over from a few years ago, and some gemstones...and vwola a beautiful holiday wreath to hang on the door or wall. Oh yeah, we forgot to rag (muslin) wrap the first one but remembered for the second one. Josh is so proud of himself but look how tired he is!! He wouldn't put them down....

Trying to get three kids together for a pic is almost impossible. Our girls: Rachel and Leah are too big and busy for most pics these days so here is Josh with our fur baby girls: Molly (4, the "white princess") and Zoey (the 1 yr old "teddy bear") Cocker. Doesn't Zoey look like a tiny teddy bear? They are my girls and follow me around EVERYWHERE!! They also love their Daddy too.  ps Josh is really not choking Molly; just holding her in place. I'd hate to be a dog photographer. Yikes! These two can't still (and Josh too)! What's up with that face, Josh?


  1. what a sweet hubby you have and handsome the 2 puppies and love the colorful wreath..have a great time baking tomorrow and don't forget to listen to christmas music too;0)

  2. What a thoughtful husband Patti!
    Your nativity display and story is wonderful and I love the wreath your son is making too. Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Have fun baking.

  3. An amazing husband! Love your nativity sets. I had one like the one on the left only it was Home Interiors. My daughter asked for it this year to display for her daughter, telling me how much she liked it when she was little and what memories it had for her. I was honored to give it up.
    Not done shopping, taking my grandsons to town tonight while I TRY to finish. That should make a great blog post!

  4. Aw, what a sweetheart to give you such beautiful roses! How neat to have the nativity sets for so long and they have such wonderful meaning to your family. They will be treasured as you pass them on down to the kids.

    I think it's awesome that Josh loves to create things! My 15 yr old son has mostly outgrown all that but every once in awhile I'll find something that he likes to do. Now my daughter and 5 yr old son on the other hand... can't keep them out of my crafting/scrapbooking things. Josh did a great job on the snowflakes and wreath!

    Cute picture of your fur babies and Josh! Sounds like wonderful Christmas memories are being made down Raspberry Lane~


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