Saturday, December 18, 2010

Giveaway pics and more....

Here are some pics of some of the wonderful prims that I have received recently. Cathy from Tolentreasures sent me these snowman sweeties! She's so talented!! Look @ this sweet snowman lid--what a creative mind that Cathy has!! Just adorable!!

This next one is a lil' trinket snowman box...he was lonely so he asked his friend to pose with him. The cutie with the musical hat is from Brenda of the Rusty Thimble Aren't they both so cute!!

Here's the snowman trinket box up close...don't you just love the sheet music that's peeking through the snowman! What a great job Cathy!!

These next two are a sweet snowman penny ornie (I was secretly wanting one of these when she first posted them awhile ago) along with a button ornie (made of wool) by Cathy. That Cathy is so creative for making a snowman from buttons-sew simple and sew easy that I'll have to try it!!

The adorable reindeer ornie and rag wrapped candy canes are from a giveaway by Craftystitchers. Cyndy and Mary are so talented and generous. They had an incredible 12 days of Christmas giveaway.

Here's a sweet snowman pillow made just like the ornie above by Cathy...How cute is this!!...also made out of blue wool and buttons. Don't you love how Cathy made the snowmen come alive with the embroidered arms and twinkly snowflakes? The pillow is sittin' in front of my handmade ginger and snowman. I also made the poinsettia in the background.

Just look @ this darling snowman sled painted by Cathy....she is truly amazing! I keep telling her to publish some projects in the crafty magazines....maybe one day?? Hmmmm. Wink, Wink Cathy!!

Here's my new stove board and Santa folk doll from my dear friend Jenn over @ Bittersweet Prims!! They are to die for!! Jenn's husband Jason did a fabulous job making the board and jenn did the painting, staining and distressing! They're a great team. Don't ya think? It's black and red! I just looove it!! Incidently I must tell you all about this wooden bowl, which is holding evergreens (sprigs from my Douglas Fir Christmas tree), coffee dipped old clothes pins, sweet annie, cinnamon hips~n~sticks and handmade cinnamon tarts (by me)...It's handcarved and was made in Kenya !!.....I bought it @ a Habitat for Humanity store for.......$2.00---I know, what a find!..... I just love this bowl!

and last but not least is my new Santa Folk doll. Jenn did such a great job!! I love the way the santa suite has a coffee stained pattern to it! Great job usual!! I love his big round head and cinnamon cheeks! I love him so much!! I want to keep him out all year but know people will talk..hehe! Here he is in the candlelight setting:

He's what I won from Jenn's giveaway. I love him so much that I had to take another pic in auto:

I will post pics when Santa and Elmer arrive from Old lady Morgan's giveaway!!
I have been truly blessed with so many great prim friends and winning some giveaways. I will have more time now that my students are finished with their fall semester...Yay, more time for creating!!
Happy Weekend Everyone! Patti


  1. love everything and love where you have it;)

  2. Everything looks great!I love the breadboard!does she sell those?looks so much better than the rickety one I had my neighbor make for a great christmas sweetie.Im thinking santa needs to repair my laptop,right now its hooked up to my tv in the works but seems so weird.blessings michelle

  3. Oh boy it all looks exciting. I keep trying to get my hubby to make me a stovetop board, but haven't talked him into it yet.
    Happy Holidays!

  4. Thanks for all the kind words, so glad that you enjoyed everything!


  5. WOW, you are a giveaway winning girl! I love everything but those penny ornies are my favorite! Your stoveboard looks awesome on there, I was hoping it would fit your stove like that. Its better than mine:(

  6. What wonderful Winnings, Have a Merry Christmas

  7. Adorable!!! thanks so much for sharing! OLM

  8. Wow girl, all kinds of awesome Christmas prims for you!! Everything is lovely but I especially love Cathy's painting too... it is wonderful! She does a beautiful job.


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