Monday, December 20, 2010

Something for the kids.....

Here's something for the kids to play over the Christmas break. It's a vintage battleship game that can be played over and over. It was designed by Cathe over at Just Something I Made. Did I mention that I love this site? Just use this graphic and put acetate over top (on clipboards) as Cathe advises. I will probably just laminate two so my son and I can play this while he's home from school.....that is after he is "bored" with his games (itouch, wii and ds)....I'll have to persuade him to try this "fun" game!!
Cathe has also designed some gift certificates for last minute personal gift ideas:
Click here for the link:

What a great idea for Birthdays, special days or whatever....

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  1. She does make the coolest stuff.Have a fun time playing this classics.blessings michelle


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