Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Prim Sheep and What I Swapped......

I can't believe that I finally figured out how to download my free pattern for all of my prim friends! I had such a hard time on google docs that I went to instead....It's on my sidebar for all to grab......

I gave this sweet sheep to my swap partner, Ann.... from A Hole in the Basket blog for Char's summer swap. Here it is with the other goodies: a snowman from My Little Raggedy Blessings blog, a lady bug from a Tenessee Ridge Primitives pattern, a tealight ditty bag (my own design) and a cute prim punkin from Pineing for you prim collectibles.
A closer look:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What I've been workin' on...

I should be doing other things but had to finish this cute OOAK tealight pumpkin centerpiece....I think it came out so cute. The leaves are hand dyed by colorwashing with green acrylic paint and coffee/vanilla/cinnamon mixture. The pumpkin was also done the same way....I gathered up the top part of the pumpkin just enough to fit a painted/sealed tealight. I added a piece of fabric to cover up the polyfill.,,,Spanish moss and pip berries were placed on top for that harvest look.....I added a sunflower tag stamped in sepia ink and attached it to a piece of burlap near the leaves with a rusty pin & bell. Natural grapevine twine was also added. A sweet crow crowns the punkin' too. It's 6 1/2 inches tall by 8 inches wide. It will be available at Canal Country Artisans Shoppe in Medina, NY hopefully either this week or next week.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Free Vintage labels.....

Here's a free download for some cool vintage bottle labels. Visit Just Something I Made for the free downloads....

Giveaway Reminder.....

Just a reminder to sign up for my giveaway:
  • Sunflower make-do
  • Autumn tealight Ditty Bag
  • Set of black or sepia tags
  • Apple Cinnamon room spray be drawn 8/7

See details HERE

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just a punkin day.....

I made this sweet little punkin today....its a cross between Kentucky Prims, Sweetpea Prims and my own interpretation of what I wanted him to look like. I colorwashed, coffee dyed, cinnamon rubbed and baked him. He is also weighted with rice.I gave him stick arms & legs anchored with upholstery thread. He has a rusty star on his body, a cheescloth scarf and burlap with rusty bells & pins. He can sit on a stool like this one (to be primmed up) or sit on a shelf or cupboard when his legs are turned slightly....He still needs some shoes and maybe a banner or a little crow......He's 10 1/2 inches when sitting.

a closer look:

Friday, July 23, 2010

It's my Birthday all over again......

Wow, can I just say that I am so lucky and I feel like it's my birthday all over again today!  A wonderful package came in the mail this morning from Donna over @ Sweet Prairie Dwellings.

So my son says "Mommy, there's someone at the door".....wondered who it was and to my surprise it was the mail lady with this awesome package....I was not expecting a package today at all! Yippee!!

I kept saying "I can't believe that I have another gift to open"......Look at all the terrific goodies....Donna, you're too generous!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Here's a close up of all the goodies:
Here's a sweet prim glory bag that was an extra treat that I wasn't expecting! Smells great too! I love it so much that I might make some of these....

Here are the sweet candles that Donna made~~I just love how prim they are. The one that looks like a shoo-fly is a small glass bowl placed on top of a round tin~turned upside down!! It's all primmed up with a tealight inside...The next goodie is a flickering pantry cake votive wrapped in grungy cheescloth with sweet annie and a grungy tealight. Love the little "1827" tags on top!! So Cute! I'll have to start looking for those little bowls and try making pantry cakes. Donna you have such great ideas!!

Now look at the sweet mammy and prairie dolls...these were also unexpected! I just love them! The mammy doll is weighted at the bottom and her dress is grunged. The prairie doll is placed on a prim tin star that was also in the box. They both smell great too! My doll collection is slowly growing!!

Lastly, look at this handmade prim frame with a little crow on hand stitched, dyed muslin. Too cute Donna!! I put  the handmade nubby candle with the wire hanger on the side of the picture frame They smell so great!

Donna, Thank you for all of these wonderful treasures!! 
Patti :) 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sunflower Pinkeeps

Well look at how cute these sunflower pinkeeps are (some still need stuffing and stitching)....They could even be bowl fillers placed with sweet little crows. Maybe I'll make some crows too. I used an assortment of homespuns, brushed wovens, gingham and floral for the centers. The outer "petals" were coffee stained and sun dried. One of these pinkeeps just may end up in the giveaway package.....what do you all that a good idea?
ps the gorgeous willow basket was a GW find this week....$1.99

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ditty Bag for Giveaway

Hello bloggers:

Here is the Autumn Ditty Bag for my giveaway, which will go with the sunflower make-do, scented tags and apple cinnamon room spray.....I used a fall homespun for the bag and made the bottom look like a feedsack. I stamped a pumpkin on a coffee scented muslin label with the words "Pumpkin Thyme". I handstitched around the outside of the label and filled the bag with spanish moss and an orange tea light that I painted and sealed. The bottom is weighted with cinnamon scented rosehips for stability and a nice scent. This piece is even cuter in person!!

Scroll down about three posts to enter my giveaway by August 6th........

~Hanging Ditty Bag: Top view with orange tealight~~

Looks great either way!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A sneak peak at my first pattern.........

I have many designs floating around on paper and in my head but here is a look at my first pattern
~~A Primitive Sheep Cupboard Tuck~~

He is made of color washed muslin, easy and fun to make and smells of delicious cinnamon.

What do you all think? I just love the quote about Friendships......

                       "The better part of one's life consists of his friendships"~Abraham Lincoln

I  hope to have it available soon.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Giveaway Update....

I've decided to extend my giveaway so blogger friends have enough time to sign up....

The drawing will be on August 7th...Good luck!!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

My first giveaway........

Hello blog honor of my upcoming forty something birthday and for being the recipient of some incredible giveaways, which I have received from some very talented people, I would like to have:

The Giveaway will be announced on August 7th

 I've made it a point to be even more giving to my "neighbors" (AKA people of this earth) this year by donating my time to others, giving things away, giving coupons to people in my line @ the craft shops, surprising the mail lady with a basil plant and such.  I have been blessed with great health, a wonderful family and winning several blogland giveaways.....

So are you all waiting for the goodies? Well let's just say that I love all things PRIM so here's what I've come up with.

Rules: Things to do for a chance to WIN:
1. Must be a follower and have commented at least once on my blog, other than for the giveaway, prior to August 7th  (word verification has been turned off-woo hoo!) If you've posted since January 2010, then you are good to go!
2. Live in the Continental US or Canada
3. Be a lover of all things PRIM !!!
4. Tell me what prims you enjoy finding the most
5. You must tell me whether you prefer sepia or black (see below)
6. You do not need to have a blog, but must leave an email address (so I can get ahold of you)
7. Winner must claim prize within 7 days (I will notify the winner by email) otherwise another winner will be selected.

It is not necessary to post on your blog (as that is too complicated for me to track) but you may if you wish)!


There will be several goodies in this giveaway......

Prim Friends, are you ready?.....

Here they are............

I would like to give away my original handmade sunflower make-do on a rusty spring. I hand dyed the muslin fabric. The flower and leaves were coffee dyed and vanilla scented then color washed. It has a prim "wrinkled" look to the fabric. It also has a hand dyed/cinnamon scented tag with homespun. It also has a primmed ladybug button attached to a rusty pin with a rusty bell in the center. The petals have been scrunched up for that prim look! I will use a dry cinnamon rub on the center prior to shipping it out! It measures 7x7 inches. It would look so cute as a cupboard piece, part of a table centerpiece, in a bowl with fabric crows, pumpkins or watermelon and sweet annie. The possibilities are endless!! (Hey, I should make one for myself too)! LOL....

Here's a close-up...isn't it just darling??

Here is the make-do on a small table with the other goodies:

Now on to the other goodies: I am also offering hand dyed (coffee), cinnamon scented, ink stamped sunflower & crow tags, approx 18 in total...I am offering these in either black or sepia. You must tell me your preference when you sign up for a chance to win.....

Here are the sepia tags:

Here are the black tags:
(they will also have the jute ties on them).

The third goody is a bottle of my apple cinnamon room spray....a small 2 oz bottle but it has a fine mist sprayer and lasts for months on end...I've been using one for almost a year!!

The final goody will be.....READY??

A fall themed~~handmade by me~~ tealight ditty bag!! Yeah!!
I just sent my swap partner the one that I made (several posts back)

The ditty bag will have cinnamon scented rosehips in the bottom to weight it.
(See my ditty bag tutorial several posts back if you'd like to make one).

Here it is sitting:

Or it can be a hanging dittybag:

Thank you all for taking the time to read this lengthy giveaway. I am close to 100 posts and close to 100 followers another reason to have a giveaway!!

Look What the Mail Lady brought today.....

I was so fortunate to win a fabulous giveaway over @ Southern Blessings. Beryl is truly a great talent! I saw the mail lady coming with a package today and squealed like a little girl!. My two puppies were very interested too:

Molly was wondering what was inside....

and Zoey was interested too...

Oh my....I couldn't open them fast enough.....Look at all of these terrific prim goodies!!!
Beryl even added an extra special treat....a sweet prairie doll!

I couldn't clean my shelf off fast enough!! Here they are all tucked into their new home where I can look at them everyday!!.....They are just fabulous!!...Beryl's work is exquisite....Here are more peeks of her wonderful work up close.....

Look at the cloves tucked into the, love those little mice...sweet!!

I just love this sweet prim cat on wheels...with the sweet little mouse!!

This sheep and crow are just too cute. It's very big! the muslin "wool" label. Look at the those nails....and that snout!!

This sweet sheep set is just too adorable with their wooden spool legs and stitched stars!!!

And Finally the secret surprise: A sweet prairie doll...Look how cute she is...She is my first prairie doll!

It felt like Christmas today for a prim girl!! I can't thank Beryl enough for the wonderful gifts!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Pear and Crow Make-Do...

Here's something that I just finished....A PLUMP pear and crow make-do on a rusty spring by Tennessee Ridge Primitives. It measures 13 inches tall . The pear is color washed with a coffee mixture and avocado dip (by Americana) then baked in the oven. The crow is done the same way with lamp post black and antique gold for the beak....A stick from my stash was added for the stem. Spanish moss was added for the crows nest and a piece of grungy cheesecloth was added for the leaves. I coffee dyed a tag, stamped and color washed it with apple pie scent and baked it in the oven as well...It smells soooo good! I tied coffee dyed muslin and a homespun on the bottom. What do you think?

A conversation between the pumpkins.....

"Hey, why are you guys so cool and dark"?..."Where did you go, Hawaii"?..."No man, we wish.... we went tanning in the oven for a bit....The rest of our friends are in there too". "We think that you're next"! "Cool...Awesome"! "Were waiting for a new green hairdo....I mean leaves, to go with our new look".

Yay, were all done!...boy we all look so different!.....they might even get a prim tag too!

What do you think of my prim punkins? Aren't they cute? They were made from a free "Pineing for prims collectible" pattern found on Prim Mart.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Darling Ditty Bag Tutorial

Here's something I dreamed up recently and made today. It's just the cutest Sweet Annie Tealight Ditty Bag for a prim home!  Feel free to make these for your home, friends or shows. Let em' know that I was the designer. I'd love to see your versions of this piece. Enjoy!

Step 1: Gather stamp supplies and a scrap of muslin (approx 3 1/2 X 3 inches), Fray all four edges. I used coffee dyed muslin for the ditty label then stamped the sweet annie image with light green in the background. I stamped a darker green then lightly with black ink in the foreground. I stamped the words "Sweet Annie" using sepia ink. Sorry forgot to take pics of each stamped procedure. You may use what ever stamps that you have on hand or hand stitch something.

Here's the finished label....I just love how olde and prim it came out!! I've had this evergreen stamp for many years and never used it, until today. I think it's supposed to be a fern but in my mind it looks like sweet annie....don't you think? (found it at Joann's, I believe). Sorry about the slight blurriness, using that macro feature sometimes doesn't work for me even though it supposed to be for very close up pics...hmmm.

Step 2: Cut out a piece of fabric (approx 5x7 inch, with the fold on the bottom). Turn right sides together and sew each side with a straight stitch. I did not coffee dye the bag but you may. I have other scents coming from the stamped label and the cinnamon rosehips (later in the tut).

You can make a boxed bottom for sitting, or an angled bottom by stitching the bottom corners on the diagonal then clipping them. I prefer the angled look for this project. See the pics below.  Now fold the top hem over twice (approx 1/2 inch each time) then stitch close to the edge, leaving a small 1/4 to 1/2 inch opening on one side to snake a 20 inch piece of jute through. Tie the jute to a small safety pin to get it through the hem. Turn right side out. Make a knot on each end of the jute so it doesn't fray. You may leave the jute outside of the bag (for hanging) or tuck it inside if desired, for a sitting piece.

Angled bottom:

Boxed bottom:

finished boxed bottom:

Position your newly stamped label where desired.  Try not to position the label on the top hem though if you want to gather it up a bit.


Now stitch around your newly stamped label with 3 ply floss of your color choice, with a running stitch. You do not have to be exactly straight with this stitch...afterall it is a prim piece!

Next, I baked cinnamon scent rosehips and placed them in a small snack size lunch bag and added them to the bottom (about 1/2 cup or less). I left the bag open for maximum scent. You can add whatever you have on hand to weight the bottom down....rice, fishtank pebbles or little stones from the craft store or from around your house.

I then added some fiberfill on top of the rosehips almost all the way to the top.

Almost complete....

Next add some spanish moss, tuck some tied sweet annie towards the back and add a tealight of your choice. I primmed a plain white one up with burnt umber brown paint and sealed it. Add a rusty bell and safety pin to the front and've just make yourself a sweet prim tealight ditty bag!

Here's the sitting one:

Or you can hang it on a peg or to the side of an olde shutter like I did! I personally like the hanging ditty myself!

If you have a ton of stamps like I do, you'll love making these bags for different holidays, themes and seasons! Hope you enjoyed this Ditty Bag Tut. PS...this is WAY cuter in person! Any questions, please email me! Patti

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Woo Hoo...I'm almost done!

I'm so excited! I have created my first pattern! Now I just have to figure out how to import my word documents and scanned patterns pieces into a PDF file....This seems like the hardest part. Once I get this done, I will post so all can see it. Wish me luck....I've been wanting to do this for YEARS!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I live for days like this.....

What a beautiful day today was.....loved being outside all day without humidity or rain! I wish we had this weather year round!

I had pumpkins growing on my deck.....prim pumpkins that is....was in and out of the pool all day in between stuffing them....Wait until you see their faces...Very cute! When they are complete I will post a pic.

My pumpkin patch is doing great from all the sun, heat and recent rain! This is half of the patch. We also have bumpy and bottleneck gourds, large head sunflowers (in the back row), asparagus, shallots and corn in this garden....

see my shadow? hehe!

Here are a few pics from my flower and veggie gardens!

I grew 32 string bean plants from seed...Beans, Beans, good for your eating these right in the garden! Will give many of them away!  

There's sugarbaby watermelon in the foreground and all kinds of peppers and plum & cherry tomatoes in the background!

picked four burpee seedless cucs today. this one is still growing (will pick it tomorrow)! Love these! Can't seem to get my DH and son to eat them though...more for me! hehe. also give many of these away....

More tomatoes (will try making sauce this year). Also will make fried green tomatoes with these smaller plums... Hope we don't get blight like last year! We also have peppers ~~sweet, hungarian wax, jalapeno & habanero~~I'm afraid of these guys as they are very HOT!

Close up of of my favorites...great in pepper and egg sandwiches!

We also have eggplant and soooo many zucchinis (picked at least 10 already)! Gotta make zucchini and chocolate chip bread! Yummy!

Sunflowers are my all time favorite summer flower! Grown from seed droppings!

Another beauty (again, grew by itself)!

Hydrangeas! love the flowers and leaves!

There's nothing like eating pizza for dinner, out on the deck, in 80 degree weather!

The End!
Hope you enjoyed peeking into my day!