Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm in LOVE...........

with my new...antique quilt....A full size... It's a grandmother's flower garden.....Look at the fabulous fabric that was used!! The quilt itself is in really good condition except for a few stains and three slightly separted hexagons.....Would anyone have any idea how old this one might be? I'm thinking 1930's-1950's? Although some of the fabric looks a bit geometric...would that be the 1960's~~ maybe?

 I can't help but wonder about the woman who made long it took her to old she was...where she lived....what she was like...what kind of family did she have and what did she use this quilt for??

The quilting is completely done by hand....The backing is pieced with two separate pieces.....The sales lady told me that a woman just bought a similar one that had a white backing and no staining!! Darn it all!! I was a few days too late!!

This is my very first quilt....I have been wanting to find an antique quilt for some time....I always seem to miss the estate sales and auctions...I'm gonna be on the lookout now for sure because I am hooked!!
I hear this pattern is a bear to make...very intricate and complicated but I'd love to try making a small lap quilt or table runner sometime. Does anyone know of any great quilt sites??

A close-up look:

You can see the stain again on this one:

What should I use to get it out? woolite?? I don't want to ruin it.....or should I just leave it?? The best part is that it's not a "stinky" quilt either...and I am happy about that....:)

I also purchased a 48 star flag today...I have always wanted one and finally found one!! I've drapped it over my new german luxe prim tree for the photo...not sure where I'll put it yet...

I couldn't resist this sweet lil' Valentine her for only $12 (I probably won't make myself anything for Valentine's Day...although it's my wedding annniversay...11 yrs this year!! Isn't she as sweet as can be. Purchased her from a local crafter who has insanely inexpensive prims!!

Here's another Valentine prim that I purchased today: It's crazy but I even have this Tenn Ridge pattern but would not have made it for myself this year...For only $12 I thought, "let someone else make it for me"....time vs $$, I say...and give the local crafters some business!!

Here's my cowl from Cathy @ Tolentreasures...what a sweetheart for making it for me to match my coat!! Thank you Cathy!! I love it...wore it today!!

Look at this adorable pillow that I bought from Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme....I looove it....
She does such a great job stitching!!

A closer look @ my pillow: I just love the stitched envelope, heart and sprigs~n~berries~~Great Job Jennifer.

Todd and Josh @ the pinewood derby car races today...Josh made a "tank" car, which is hard to see here...Todd cut it out, glued it, put the wheels on and weighted it (has to be 5 oz or less)...Josh painted the basecoat & camo and I stenciled the side white stars. I had to wash off the first one as I put it on too "prim" (on an angle)...ooops..... he wanted the two points facing funny!! Josh did'nt place but it's always fun to see what the kids have created and how excited they are. Todd must not have been ready and I only got one chance as Josh was off and running!!


  1. Love the quilt!can you just imagine cutting each piece out!what alot of work!great find and im so glad you love it!your valentine prims look fantastic!Well howd he do at the derby?have a great week sweetie!blessings michelle

  2. Patti is is so hard to determine the date on your quilt it looks as though it may be late 40's, but someone used some fabrics from the 30's as well?? but it could be earlier and someone may of repaired it with newer fabrics. None the less it is amazing. Try to laundry it with a box of baking soda first, on old quilts I put them in my machine on a delicate cycle, I use the warm water setting and add the baking soda while the machine is filling up then I let it set with the lid open, mine does not run unless lid is closed I let the water cool down and then add the item. If this does not help you can then try to do it with white vinegar, but after using the vinegar you will have to run it a second rinse cycle. After I clean one I always do a second rinse with a little liquid fabric softener added to the water. Great new goodies love them all. wonderful Picture of Todd and Josh

  3. Patti, I love your quilt you purchased, I been looking for one too ~ someday I find the perfect one! I like your Valentine finds too! The prim Annie is adorable!
    Prim Blessings! Robin

  4. Love that quilt! And the kissing crows are adorable....Id love to have those.

  5. Love that quilt!! My goodness~ what wonderful goodies you have. I can't believe someone would do all that work for only $12.

    Pinewood derby days~I remember them well.


  6. Hi Patti,
    Your quilt is beautiful. I don't know much about dating it but I would say don't try removing the stain. If the fabric is 50 plus yrs old it may destoy it. You might try a dry cleaners to see what they would suggest.
    Love all the goodies you got. Happy early Anniversary too!
    Prim Blessings,

  7. Love the quilt...Beautiful

  8. The quilt is beautiful and those are not easy to make. My mom just finished one for someone in her church..long story, anyway, I have one started that is an I Spy quilt. You can find the directions for them by searching hexagon quilts, tons of blogs, etc out there or email me and I can tell you how. All great finds. The cowl looks great with your coat! Made the second one in the same color for my MIL. Your son is so cute! or should I say handsome? Nah, still young enough to be cute!


  9. Patti I love all you new Valentines items and the quilt is awesome. Great picture of the boys!! Thanks for showing off my pillow!

  10. Patti, that is a beautiful quilt - what a great find. I love all of your Valentine goodies and what great prices!


  11. Hi, Patti,
    I wouldn't wash the quilt. Since it is for display and not use, you want to stay in its current condition. Washing can be so hard on precious old fabrics. I find it to be just beautiful as it is. We grunge all the new things we make. A little stain is not going to detract from the beauty of it. Very tedious work indeed. No rotary cutter, no sewing machine, no steam iron........just determination and skill. Awesome!
    I love the kissing crows and would love to have one of those myself. Very nice...

  12. Wow Patti, that does look a lot like my quilt from my great-grandma! Love it and love your flag too! I have been on the lookout for a 48 star for awhile and still haven't found one.

    Very cute Valentine prims you bought from some talented ladies. The cowl looks good on you, pink is a good color for you. Looking good, girl!


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