Saturday, January 8, 2011

Swap Snowman and a Few Finds.......

Here's what I received in a swap from my friend, Cathy @ Tolentreasures....a GORGEOUS Tavern board painted with a sweet snowman....When I say sweet I mean SWEET!! I just love him!!  When Cathy first posted him, I knew right away that I had to have him. I asked her how much for the snowman and she said she'd like to swap instead....Yay, I said, I can do that. I am a decorative painter but only like to paint when I'm in the mood....and I haven't seemed to be in the mood for a long while...I've been more into making the textile goodies that we all love. Maybe one day I'll get back into it. She also sent me two painted wooden tags that I adore!

Just look at the detail here....Cathy is so talented!! I will have to find a spot to hang him....and yes, I'll probably keep him out for most of the year....he's a piece of art!! Oops forgot to take pics of the tags. One is a snowman and the other is a sweet prim star.

Here's what I found today on my travels to two different antique co-ops.....I was on the hunt today for start adding to my collection. I have a pitcher and salt and pepper shakers already. I had also wanted to start collecting tin molds to make some sugar molds and here's what I found: two pewter pieces~a sugar container with the sweetest little spoon that sits inside the notched hole and a small cup or bowl....(both on the right side). the rest are tin molds, one vintage bunny cookie cutter for (dough ornaments) and copper molds.
Here's what was written on the back of the copper molds... by the owner....back in 1972. This was a gift to the owner by her brother from a trip to Naples, NY (Wine country)!!
 (click on the pic to get a better look):

It's hard to believe that these copper molds are almost 39 yrs old (almost as old as me)!! They are in mint condition-obviously never used....and only $8.00. The price tag on the front is still there....$1.69 !!
I just had to have them!
Oh I also purchased two beadboard~n~peg shelves; one three feet (will go into our bathroom over our whirlpool tub) and the other four feet (will go over our bed). Didn't take a pic cuz they're in my van still.

Oh....I forgot to post this too. I love precious moments (I am holding onto my daughter's collection and I have about 15 for myself. When my daughter finally wants hers for her own house, my curio will be bare!! I found this one 1/2 mint condition...$7.50..what a bargain! The date is 1987. Don't you just love how she's pushing the little dolly or is it a baby? Sweet!! 


  1. What treasures you found today!You can make lots of cute sugar molds.I love the snowman tavern board!great swap!I seen her post and imediately loved that crow in the mitten then I seen you made it and I was like awesome!your so crafty.have a great week.Im done with all my taking down of the decorations so I will definately get to those photos to michelle

  2. I love the snowman - I can see why you wanted it! You found some great treasures today and I'm sure you will make some great goodies with the molds.


  3. You found some great treasures Patti!!! My SIL use to love Precious Moments, they are so sweet.

  4. The snowman is adorable! You are gonna be busy making lots of sugar molds. I'm sure they will be wonderful just like everything else you do.

    Have a delightful weekend~

  5. love that snowman!!! and love the little treasures you found as well too..have a wonderful sunday.:)

  6. Great treasures Patti, there is a small flea market by me that will not open again until late Feb. They have these items you are looking for and at great prices to boot. I will keep an eye open for you. I want to get a bunch of old cookie cutters

  7. So glad that you are enjoying the snowman. I had the remainder of the tarts that you sent to me laying on the bench still and my grandson (3) brought them to me today and wanted "some of this candy to eat", when I told him no, he came back with the rosehips and wanted to eat those. I have drilled holes in those molds and used them for tree ornaments.

  8. I can't get enough snowmen these days, I just love them.


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