Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meet Steve.....

lookey, lookey at our newest baby boy...his name is Steve (Josh named him...and he is so happy to have his "own" pet).....I am absolutely in LOVE with this lil' critter. He is a precious long haired Golden hampster. Just look at this picture. Josh put him in a Fisher Price cart...Isn't he too funny? He's such a sweet boy...not wild. lays in my arm when he's tired....loves his wheel and ate 1/2 a baby carrot last night. We did get him some gourmet food at the pet store. He yawns just like a baby...doesn't nibble or bite us....Ahhhh we love our new guy (my dogs either want to eat him or are very jealous when I talk to him)!!


  1. Oh my gosh, he is adorable! Love hamsters, they are too cute! Deb

  2. How adorable and what a cute pic!


  3. All, he's so sweet Patti! I had a little teddy bear hampster when I was a kid and can remember loving on him all the time. Thanks for sharing.
    Prim Blessing,

  4. he looks way to cute..what a lovely little fluff ball..♥

  5. OMgosh he is the cutest, you know I love those little furry creatures. Love, love, love Steve! Look at those little paws, I think he is posing!

  6. OMG he is absolutely adorable. I love hamsters. I don't dare get another one right now because of the cat. I am afraid he will play to rough with it.

  7. It's Stuart Little all over! He is adorable!
    Did you ever get your gift from Old Goat Prims?
    I did and I love the doll.

  8. What a doll!! I remember when the kids were younger and had hamsters. They are so cute and fun. One time one got out and we found it in the closet with cheeks that belonged on giant baby! We thought it had gotten in the cat box and filled it's pouches with clean dry cat litter. We were so scared that if any moisture from it's mouth would increase the size and thought it's cheeks would explode!! Try as we may we couldn't/he wouldn't let us take any out. We put it back in the cage, it waddles over to a corner and starts pushing out dry cat food! They little rascal cleaned out the catfood dish!! LOL Boy were we relieved to say the least! too funy! Have fun with him and make sure you double...make that triple lock everything! LOL

  9. I love Steve! We have that FP piece so I can really tell how tiny and fuzzy he is!

    What a doll!

    Thanks for the smile.

    Hope you're staying cozy!


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