Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Now I can show them off....

Now that my swap partner-Donna from Willowcreek Primitives received her package today, I can show you what I worked on two weekends ago for her. I wanted to make her "doll" part of the swap (hosted by Tammy of A Primitive Place) extra special so I used a moonchild's butterfly doll pattern. I tried very hard to make her face just like Donna Veal's doll but for the life of me, I just couldn't....I had sculpted the eyebrows nicely but she looked "mean"....really...I was nervous at first then thought...what am I gonna do? I'd be afraid to get a doll like this...It's so had to see her...I think I flossed the black pupils too large and too close to those 10 yr old son had a look of horror on his I took my original flossed facial features out....I thought about it for awhile....then I decided that I'd paint coffee mixture around the eyes to give the "bug" effect...I also gave her a small smiling mouth instead of the girlie lips like on the pattern........I also gave her small black circular floss eyes with cream colored floss outlining them and a crudely stitched prim nose....and miraculously....she wasn't scarey anymore...In fact, she was BEAUTIFUL.....I was pleasantly pleased with how she turned out.  So here she is: What do you all think? I had a hard time giving her I really wanted Donna to have her and hoped that she would fall in love with her as I had....You can visit Tammy's blog to see what Donna posts later on this week. I did make her more stuff but she can show it all to you....

I also put sweet annie in her hands like the pattern called for and made a coffee dipped tag that says
"Garden Butterfly 1804" Aren't her antennae too cute? I'm hoping Donna leaves her out all year long!!
I am so proud of her....being my first "Butterfly" Dolly. She is even cuter in person!

Another view (I have her in my header if you didn't notice)!! hehe....I actually made her 25% larger than what the pattern called for...shhh don't tell Donna  (Hope she doesn't mind)......

I also wanted to design a spring prim....a bunny bowl filler so this is what I came up with last sunday...I think he turned out cute too....a very prim "Bunny Love" sweetie (also in my header cuz I don't have a darn thing made for spring otherwise)!!.....

Hope you enjoyed looking at my newest creations. enjoy them Donna!! :)  Oh yeah...Donna told me that my package was a nice Birthday surprise....Her Birthday is tomorrow so head on over and wish her many more!! Willowcreek Primitives ps I should be getting my package tomorrow....and I can't wait...had a mixup with the postal service.


  1. What a special little butterfly! I'm sure that Donna will love her!

  2. Oh Patti I absolutely love your garden butterfly!shes just beautiful.The bunny is super cute too!you did a GREAT job!blessings and hugs michelle

  3. Absolutely amazing!!!
    You did a wonderful job!!
    I can see why you had a hard time giving it away.
    Thanks so much for joining in on the swap.

  4. Beautiful Patti, your butterfly is gorgeous, she turned out wonderfully! Donna's a lucky girl! Deb

  5. Patti, I think your butterfly doll is darling! Just the right amount of prim and NOT scarey like many I've seen! I can see why you had a difficult time parting with her. Your new bunny is cute too!
    Have a wonderful day,

  6. These are adorable! I'm sure Donna will love them.


  7. Patti, I think your butterfly is beautiful. You did a wonderful job. I love your header too!
    Prim Blessings! Robin

  8. Patti, You did a great job! She is going to love everything! OLM

  9. Dear Patti,
    She is the sweetest, most adorable,CHARMING, AND PRETTY BUTTERFLY.
    I have heard when you make little creations like this you should always keep the very first one you make...just for sentimental reasons I would think.
    Are you going to make them to sell or for just this swap...
    I am just now learning to sew...well, I received a sewing machine for Christmas...but I have not opened the box yet...
    where would you find the pattern at to make this little lady...
    Have A Sugar Sweet Day
    Simply Debbie

  10. Dear Patti,
    I want to say "thank you" so much for the beautiful swap prim pieces, especially my "Butterfly Doll!" I can tell you put your heart into everything you made especially for me! And to put icing on the cake, literally, it couldn't have come at a better time! I am hoping our swap with each other grows a lasting friendship for the two of us! And as Louis Armstrong puts it "What A Wonderful World!"

  11. Love the butterfly doll and the bunny. Too cute!



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