Friday, February 4, 2011

Some new goodies.......

I've been meaning to post this awesome hand painted bowl made by Cathy of Tolentreasures so here it is: Just look at her decorative artwork here....just love the highlighting and shading of the vines, berries and stars!!.....I just love everything that she makes!! Head on over to her blog as she has painting tutorials too.

Now looky, looky what came in the mail today......something that I ordered a few days ago from Suzanne over @ Poplar Street Primitives or visit her etsy shop (her blog isn't working for me for some reason right now)  Poplar Street Prims Etsy....once I saw her sweet pea self...and her sweet peas babes...I just had to have her....I've purchased dollies from Suzanne before...and LOVE her work....This sweet pea doll has been colorwashed in prim green from head to toe and sanded. She has the fanciest prim two piece dress with puffy~n~cuffed sleeves and a bodice that has been stitched up the front (so victorian looking)!!....and she even has pantaloons...Her face and feet are needle sculpted and her eyes are painted with muslin "eyelids". I have 3 kiddies (a daughter who turned 19 today-Happy Birthday Baby (not that she'll read my blog. haha), a son who's 10 and a stepdaughter who's 18) so I thought she was perfect. Isn't she cute? I'm not sure if this is her design though?? Suzanne is an excellent crafter and pays attention to detail. Thank you Suzanne!!

Can you see the lil' sweet peas in their peapod?

Here's Rachel and I at the chinese restaurant today......we even went to Michaels and I bought some spring colored floss....Rachel didn't get anything...not sure what she'll buy with her birthday money. She'll probably save it for her Amsterdam trip this June...she's going with her college art fun!!  Did I mention that she is a fabulous artist?  

This is what she painted in high school this past year. An acrylic portrait of baby and her brother. She referred to a picture that I had taken. The art teacher submitted it to a show at the library and hung it out in the hallway at school. I'm going to try and get it into the new art gallery at the college where I work.

Where does the time go? I just remember when she was starting to walk...!!
Happy Birthday to my little (big) princess....It's been a great week. Happy weekend everyone! patti


  1. Hi Patti, She did really good work on doing the shaded areas on the bowl, really nice. I love the sweetpea doll with her peapods, adorable. I love to collect dolls. Vicky

  2. The bowl is very nice indeed, but I am loving the penny rug under it!
    Your daughter is beautiful and so is her painting. Wishing the best in college!
    I'm having a giveaway!

  3. you have got one very talented daughter on your hands. That artwork is amazing

  4. The bowl is just gorgeous. Your daughter is a fabulous artist. Wow! What talent.


  5. Your daughter is a very talented lady!

  6. WOW Rachel great painting you go girl. She is so cute Patti. You should be one proud mama

  7. Hi Patti, Love the bowl! Your sweet Rachel is very talented, and smart to save her money for her trip. That sweet pea doll is a cutie too. I can see why you couldn't resist her.
    Have a great weekend!
    Prim Blessings,

  8. Hey Patti - I am so happy you and Rachel got to spend time together on her birthday. She is very talented indeed. Love you new bowl and doll, cute stuff!

  9. That bowl is beautiful and I am loving that doll too. Off to check out her etsy shop!

  10. Patti, did you see that you and I won the giveaway over at Old Goat Primitives? I'm not sure how to contact her. She hasn't emailed me. How about you? Do you know how to contact her?

  11. Thanks for posting this, glad that you like it. Your daughter's artwork is beautiful and she is also, she looks just like you.



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