Friday, March 25, 2011

Here are my items for Misi' 1890 Gable House Musings Scavenger Hunt #2:

Child's chair
Toy Boat
Colonial Print (with a boy and a girl)
Iron Tree
Blue Willow

Child's chair: I will show you two~

                                                   Here's a highchair made by the amish-

A church find...$5.00

A Toy Wooden Boat: in a nice wooden frame. This lives in my son's room

Colonial Print...Whatcha think about this one?

There's a boy and a girl....and another girl and a mom and a dad.....donning their colonial "saloon" clothing!
This was a ton of fun...but so long ago...look at how little Joshua, Rachel and Leah are...and wow my hair was so short...Todd looks like a mean villian......I know that we weren't supposed to smile but we did anyway...

Here's my lil' metal tree...

Here's my blue willow least that's what it said on the tag when I bought it..even though it does not have the chinese scene on it?? Hope you enjoyed seeing what I have collected.... Misi: Let me know if this one counts.


  1. Looks like you have done it. Hope Misi passes you on. Be sure to add your name under her post. I forgot until a bit ago.

  2. Patti It's Perfection! Thanks so much for the fun. My hubby got his cigar mold at The Mill...when are you guys opening up?
    Good luck on week #3


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