Friday, March 25, 2011

Misi's Scavenger Hunt #1 Prim Finds....

I am participating in Misi's 1890 Gable House Musings Scavenger Hunt. I am a tad late in posting her first gathering of goodes but as long as I posted before 12pm today I am still in the hunt. I was able to find some things around the house; both displayed and hidden way down in the basement....I was able to find four of the 6 here they are.....

Olde Jar w/ seeds
Faceless doll
Homespun pillow case
Doll bed
Ironstone china

The olde blue Ball jar on the right has homegrown Zinnia seeds from my front flower beds last year....I also packed in some Fairy tale pumpkin seeds from my very first fairy tale pumpkin, which I purchased at a farmers market last fall...can't wait to plant these...they look just like the pumpkin carriage from the Disney movie~Cinderella...I couldn't fit my basil package in the jar nicely but those are my favorite to plant not only in the garden but also in pots for the front mail lady loves bringing the mail and smelling the basil! I did give her some to plant too.

Here's a couple of faceless dolls and a homespun pillow:

Here's the bigger prairie doll in her usual spot:

and finally a doll bed, which I purchased for $5.00 a few summers ago at a yard sale. The lady said it was a doll bed for her daughter's dollies. I had visions of putting all of my annies and dollies in there to sell at my craft booth but never ended up painting it or filling it with dolls...maybe one day I'll get to it...I want to paint it black and distress it...(heck I want to paint everything black)

Here's another doll bed~a trip down memory lane: this is about 18 yrs old~belongs to my daughter (shhh don't tell but my son played with these too). Goes to her Fisher Price Doll House. My how time flies by....

An ironstone china gravy boat...with a scene from England...I love this piece....made in England:


  1. I love the rocking baby bed. That would be awesome painted black!

  2. Oh me too *Love* that rocking bed!
    Great Job* Thanks for making this hunt fun!
    Bliss~ Misi

  3. Absolutely love the idea of a scavenger hunt. You have some awesome treasures there. That big doll bed is wonderful. I have a small cradle I found at a thrift store and was planning to do the same thing as you wanted to do. I never got around to displaying dolls and cats in mine either. Great photos.

  4. I love the china too. And the seed jar, oh I love it all.


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