Friday, April 8, 2011

Scavenger Hunt #4

I'm participating in Misi's 1890 Gable House Musings scavenger hunt #4. I really thought that I was outta the game since I didn't have any of the same bath and body work scents or any of the other goodies on her list. Here's what I did find though for the second half of the hunt:

1. A pair of authentic wooden shoes from Holland-not sure how they walk around in these hard things!! They're right from my basement-had to blow the dust off :)-been meaning to do something with these for at least 10 yrs. A family friend brought them back.....put them on my chippy bench with some summer flowers and my Americana flag.

2. Heart pantry cakes dusted with cinnamon...made last night with my silicone molds....baked for six hrs on 170 degrees....

3. My daughter's 19 yr old Christening gown and hat...this one made me choke up reminiscing about her sweet life! The collar has yellowed a bit and I'm sad about that!

and lastly:

#4 (Bero's contribution): Yay, I can do this..we order pizza once a week.....had a delicious pie from Pontillo's (Churchville, NY)....for those who don't live around here...this is one of the best pizza places...started in Batavia, as we're getting our slices, I say "I gotta take a picture of this"...well my son and husband look at me like I'm crazy...I say "It's for my blog"...Josh says "why do you need to take a picture of pizza for your blog" I say, "I'm in a contest"....and they both looked at me again like I'm nuts!! It was a riot!! Thanks for the fun, Misi !! :)

I just realized that the pizza was from the first part  of #4 so I made some biscotti:

Misi: Here's my Cranberry~n~Walnut Biscotti....this is one of three's actually still cooking on each side...but I had to make the 12pm deadline:
Here's a prettier biscotti:

If you've never made must try it...very easy and so oil, no butter....which makes us all a bit's the site that I used: Cranberry Biscotti...I substituted walnuts for the pistachios and also added white chocolate with the cranberries. Yummo! Oh and by the prepared to be in a sugar coma afterwards.....I've been really good; lost 10lbs recently but ate a couple of the smaller wedges during the baking process and just couldn't keep my eyes open....:) What was I thinking when I quadrupled the recipe?? Todd will eat them and maybe take some to work.


  1. Brownie points with the Pontillo's!!!.
    One more from part 2 gourd, biscotti, or ruby slippers/shoes.

    Thanks for making this hunt fun.
    ~Bliss to you

  2. Ms.Patti, so we are in the same boat?? Just fell short?? well unless you find one more thing!!! I should of called my SIL, I bet my little niece had ruby slippers... OH well... it was so much fun to play!! OLM

  3. Hi, Patti
    Love the heart cakes~the christening gown~ beautiful & special memories!
    Love the bench display!!

  4. Glad you made it through sweetie! Yumm wish I had some of that biscotti with my hot tea.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. I love the bench display with the wooden shoes. And you made biscotti? Wow! It looks yummy!

  6. That Christening gown is just precious.


  7. Oh my gosh Pontillo's pizza! Just reminded me how much I miss there pizza. My fiencee used to live in Churchville about 10 yrs. back and we used to get there pizza all the time.Yummy!!Now it makes me want to go to Rochester, just to get some pizza:0)!

  8. I love that you baked the biscotti, they LOOK YOMML!. I love to bake and collect prims/colonial items.
    I creid when I saw the christenig gown.It is beatuiful and I am sure it bring s back lots of memories!

    I loved your post and I love yur blog! Great post again!!!
    Spring Blessings,

  9. Wooden shoes... what do you do with them?? Well you came up with an awesome idea! I love the spring flowers sticking out of them, cute little display! You can change them out with the holidays too. Very creative Patti!

    I don't know why I can never think "outside the box". I never thought about using the silicone molds for pantry cakes, geez it's so obvious too! Thanks for opening my eyes to that. Your heart ones turned out great!

    What an adorable christening gown that is. So wonderful that you still have it!


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