Friday, May 13, 2011

Birds, Bees and Flowers Display Chain...

I'm participating is Misi's 1890's Gable House Musings display chain this week, hosted by Amy @ BumbleBeeCottage
here's what I'm posting....this is for next week so I'm a bit early (well that NEVER happens!)....

My Bees have been returned from Create and Decorate magazine....Did you all see them in the June issue? It was my first project publication for those who've been hiding under a rock here in blogland (hehe)...I put them in my new bowl...
Here they are next to the article:

Birdies in my front feeder: with my new gorgeous daisies

A baby crabapple tree with pink blooms:

Angelique Tulips....I also have lemon balm here and learned a lesson after I placed peppermint in this goes everywhere...I love the smell though...they say its medicinal...
we still need to put down the mulch...:)

Some tulips and lilac bushes which are not in bloom yet

I love forget me nots!

Here are some daffodils next to a lil' birdhouse on a stake made by Kat of Primitive Echos...I love it!

Thought I'd pop in my zinnias from last year so you can see them:

Faux blackeyed susans in a patriotic my new lil' firkin...

Beehive bowlfillers that I made with crows and watermelons last year.

and most favorite flowers: Lilacs...Beauty of Moscow...a double flowering pink lilac that is extremely fragrant....

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. Great displays!! Love the zinnias! I've never planted those - I'll have to try some! Have a wonderful weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Everything looks wonderful! Have a great weekend!

    Prim Blessings,

  3. I love the zinnias! A garden isn't complete without zinnias!

  4. Hi Patti,
    Great display chain photos. Your lilacs are in bloom already? Mine barely have little buds lol.
    I love them though.

  5. Such pretty pictures! Those zinnias are gorgeous! Do you start them from seeds?

  6. Beautiful displays.Love the bumble bees.See you thought you were behind and somehow you got ahead of the Blessings!~Amy

  7. The bees are so cute!!! beautiful pictures!
    enjoy the weekend

  8. Love your picture displays for the chain.. Your Bumbles are so cute..



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