Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sweet Annie seedlings.....

Thank you to all who have purchased my sweet annie seeds so far....Many of you asked how to plant them and what they look like so here are my seedlings that I started in small containers this year (it's my first year growing them too) can either sow (broadcast) them directly in the ground or start them in containers. When you get your seeds they will look like the yellow/green balls on the sweet annie that we all know and love...gently rub them together with your fingers to release the seeds-there will be hundreds of them, really!! You can also put them in a small bag and shake them around to release the seeds. Just sprinkle the sweet annie which will look like dust (but are really the seeds because they are so small) just under the soil no more than 1/4 inch. Watch out for the wind or they will

Remember that they will reseed themselves but you have to leave some to drop to the ground in late fall (usually October for me).

ps I live in the country and our black flies and deer flies are out...the deer flies were just biting me terribly today so I rubbed some of my sweet annie stalks on my arms and neck and they haven't been back....Sweet annie is also a deer repellent too!!....oh yeah and it treats fever and malaria :)

Okay back onto the planting info:

The seedlings will start out teeny tiny and with two small smooth leaves then the second set of leaves will look more jagged and fern like....Sweet annie likes full or partial sun but for those who live in the deep south you might want to try planting them in partial sun since it's so hot down there...good luck and happy planting!!

Click on each pic for a closer look: Here they are with 4 leaves:

Here they are so teeny!! All the pics were taken today! See that some have 2 leaves still and others have 4!

Another closeup:

If you would like to purchase Sweet annie seeds, click HERE. The paypal button is just to the right of the posting. The seeds come with a planting tip sheet too! Best of luck!!

Now I'm off to finish vacuuming the pool-yippee it's going to be in the 80's today-I love SUMMER! Enjoy the weekend everyone!


  1. Oh just great. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It has been "pouring" rain here for two days. The sky is one big black cloud. Not even clouds just totally black. I have to go out to the garden to see if I have anything sprouting. I hope I don't drown. However if I do send my husband a note and he will send you my pattern discs.

  2. I bought some off eBay last year.
    Had no where to really plant them.
    I put some potting soil in an old enamelware basin. They grew like crazy in there, about 4' tall and I had plenty of it. When threat of frost came, I just put the pan in the garage.
    Took it out this spring. Pretty soon, that basin was filled with plants! They are over a foot tall now and very fluffy and fragrant. I highly recommend sowing directly into the soil and in a place where they can spread. This time, I am going to try to preserve it so it doesn't shed. Any tips?


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