Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Witch is In....

Well she's over at Brenda's house right now but will be going to a new home.....Yes, that's right, Brenda is having yet another giveaway....This time it's an amazing Prim Witch by Brenda Sanker...This witch has so much detail....a round head in the front and a flat head back so she sits or hangs nicely....I just love both Brenda's for their amazing creativity and TALENT!! So....check out The Rusty Thimble Blog for this AMAZING GIVEAWAY.....you may even want to check out Brenda Sanger's website to see what she has available as well over at The Vintage Polkadot


  1. Thank you Patti for signing up and for sharing

  2. Hey Patti, I love Brendas stuff..her last name is Sanker not sanger..:)love this doll.Brenda does great work..both Brendas do great work.:)

  3. ooops yes, I knew that Gina...slip of the keys...thanks for pointing that out. fixed it!
    patti ;)


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