Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Goodes, Gardens & Galloping Giddiness....

(warning: picture heavy)....Hello blog friends....Where is the summer going?  Can't seem to catch up but that's the story of my life!
Here are a few goodies from my New England friend Kat of Primitive Echos. I also had the pleasure of meeting our blog friend, Misi of 1890 Gable House Musings and obtained a few of her treasures.....

I'm also posting this for OLM's "What makes your Heart skip a beat" Giveaway since these things/people make my lil' heart skip a beat! Here they are in random order:

Remember this prim black table tray that Kat made for me in her workshop?....love it!.... Here's a colonial candle in Maple Applesauce from Misi.....I can smell it even before I come down the stairs all the way....amazing!

Kat's Door board....I loooove this!!

Kat's bonnet from her OWN pattern! (I'm so sorry Kat~had this all ready last night and somehow forgot to post it)! This bonnet is truly to DIE for...such detail; wish you could all see the stitching on it! Kat did a marvelous job for not knowing what she was doing....or so she says...hehe...love ya girl! :)

Fabric boxes from Kat:

bowl filler fixens from Misi in Farmhouse Tea.....just the most divine scent!!

A stunning Prim George Washington Box from Misi: I love anything with George Washington and Abe Lincoln....

Here's a sideview of the box: Love this red feathered design...just adds so much to the whole box!

Garden Thyme::

here's my sweet corn growing oh so nicely:

Cucs are one of my favs...can't get my dh or son to eat them though!

Apple Gourds....my egg gourds haven't blossomed yet

Jalapenos: love these in a ton of dishes!

2nd crop of peas-love eating them fresh right in the garden, Here's eggplant too:

Tomatoes & Peppers all in a row:

No its not a CSI crime scene: It's my coveted sweet annie: I have 8 precious clusters growing so nicely! The tape will deter the deer from stepping all over it!!  Now you all know that this surely makes my heart skip a beat! Don't look at the weeds....why do they have to grow faster than our plants??

two apple trees/pumpkin/sweet annie patch at a distance-on the East side of our yard: had to put a scarecrow in this year to keep the crows away...they were eating our pumpkin seeds! Looove prim crows just not the real ones that eat seeds! Poor brownish grass!

Love my new rusty red wagon:

Sunflower (one of my fav summer flowers):

Front flower bed:

and of course my boys and summertime make me very Happy:

My BFF...my sister Carol: We have so much fun together! Don't feel too bad for her "pale" skin...she's going crusin' to Bermuda soon!

Love My Momma and My Sister:

and my sweet daughter Rachel..... with red hair

Love my Momma and Daddy: He still gets excited to dance with her....after almost 50 years! That makes my heart dance!

Wow, how did I forget to add in my sweeties last night?? I looove my pups!!

Molly: cockapoo, will be 5 on July 24th~She's our personal doorbell...knows whenever anyone comes to call~

Lazy dog days of summer: Zoey: age 2 pure cocker:

These two follow me around and just crack me up....they are lights of my life...besides my children of course! :)


  1. 1. Glad you liked your things.
    2. The things you got from Misi really are a amazing. I want one of her candles too. Need to order it when I remember and have time.
    3. I just love family pictures. Such treasures huh?
    4. What is that between your plants? why is there black stuff there, and how are you doing that? Making holes it for the seeds to come up?
    5. I can't believe you have sunflowers already. Wow.
    6. Your daughter (with the red hair) is beautiful. Did your sister get the height or what?
    I hope you are having a great week my friend.

  2. You have some wonderful treasures there Patti! Great garden pics and great family pics too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow I love all of your pictures, I love all of your new prim goodies. I just ordered a candle from Misi, I am so excited to receive it.
    You have a beautiful family. And I have never saw such a beautiful garden, not a weed in it.
    No wonder your heart skips a beat. Hugs, Lecia

  4. Good Morning Patti,
    A whole bunch of new goodies, love it all and so nicely displayed.

    Your garden looks great, I'll eat some of those cukes, mine are ready yet...

    Those apple and egg gourds are going to be fun later!

    Lovely pics of you and the family..


  5. Patti what a lovely post, all of your plants look wonderful. Nothing is growing here the drought is horrible and the heat is just buring up everything.


  6. Absolutely love all your new prim goodies!
    And I nearly fell off my seat when I saw your sweet annie plants - Lucky, lucky you! That stuff is soooo hard to get over here, so if you ever dry and sell any.....!!!!
    Have a great day!

  7. What a beautiful post Patti! Your gardens are amazing and the family pictures are precious.
    Have a wonderful day~

  8. Holy CATS Girl!!! I hardly know where to begin!! You've packed so many wonderful things in one post! I LOVE your Kat items....she's such a talented hoot! That door board, tho, has to be my fav!! And Misi - ahhh, well she and her wonderful-smelling goodes are legendary for good reason....Can't get enough! (And, hey! I have that same George box....LOVE it!!) Your gardenS are incredible....Holy smokes Miss Patti...just how DOES your garden grow so wonderfully?! I can barely keep up what my container plantings and my little herb garden! (And, well...the lemon balm...a tragedy unto itself!) Can't wait to see what you do with the gourds! And, last, but certainly not least - what a wonderful family you have! Love the photos....You and sis sure look like your beautiful mom!! Have a great Wednesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Patti, I don't know where to begin, your garden is unbelievably impressive!!!! Oh to met Misi, I would image she is such a hoot! Love all her goodies too!!!! and the treasures!!!! Thanks so much for playing along! OLM

  10. Patti...I have had a black thumb in the past and my teeny tiny garden (3 tomato plants, 2 pepper and some basil) is positively pathetic compared to yours, but girl, you truly INSPIRE me. Oh how I wish I knew how to do all of that stuff. Our property is just overgrown with stuff and I think I killed things that were "real" thinking they were weeds. Have you done a gardening tutorial ??? I would love to know how to save seeds. I did manage to plant some mums last year and thought they dies, but HOORAY, they are back and getting VERY big !!!

    Much love,

  11. Wow! What a great post! love all the goodies! Your garden is wonderful, still waiting for my sweet annie to come up. I hope that I didn't wait too long to plant it. Great pics of your family!

  12. What a beautiful post! I loved this little visit...especially to the garden! You have so much space...I'm green with envy!


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