Friday, July 1, 2011

Goodies and more goodies....

Here's what I ordered from Mandy over at Bittersweet Folkart Primitives....a gorgeous, and very large Black Uncle Sam donning vintage blue and gold starred fabric...He's holding a flag made with the same material and says God Bless America....I just loooove him...I even bought the pattern since Mandy's having a $5.00/epattern sale going on for Independence Day....Here he is sitting on my ($2.00 garage sale antique oak school desk.....
A close up:

His Flag:

Also here is what I won from a giveaway on Laura's blog-Rhodes Creations....this is a great bag that could be used for many things: a handbag, a grocery bag, a beach bag...heck I might be able to put a small dog in it..only dogs are horses...29 and 34 lbs...Wow its all handmade & embroidered by Laura herself...great job and Thank you! It's just beautiful!!

Next up is a surprise goody that came in the mail today from Cyndi over at Distinctive Creations just for entering her giveaway recently (not winning might I add but only entering!)...She was so generous to award many who entered her giveaway with different darling surprises...I'd say we all were lucky!!....Just look at this sweet lil' scarecrow all handmade by Cyndi....The picture does not do him justice...he is amazingly handcrafted to perfection. The detail is unbelievable...from his handpainted & stitched face to his sweet overalls, cute burlap hat, little fingers and sissal stuffing. This guy is not going in a box...He's stayin' right here near my corn...and he's gonna scare those crows away that like to visit my pumpkin garden! Cyndi is truly one talented lady...She also makes the sweetest annies, bunnies and snowmen...Go check out her blog!
Click on the pic to see his detail...Thank you so much Cyndi! I will treasure him always!'s my newest obession. Rug hooking with yarn....I purchased this Oxford punch needle right from its creator-AmyOxford over at Her website even thought I know very little about hooking...I do know that I like the look of pieces made with the size 10 hook. So I need all the rug hookers help here...This is also what I bought...I know many use wool yarn but I thought I would try this soft jiffy's acrylic but I like the look and feel of it...its soft and fuzzy...seems to be a tad bit smaller in diameter than the sample yarn that comes with the hook...Does anyone kow if it will work?? I also purchased monks cloth because I want to make a rug tuffet for a small round stool....Also what is the difference between monks and weavers cloth or is it the same? (where is Marge from Hungry Hook Primitives when I need her?) I'm thinking black background and pennys around the stool using these colors...note the punch of color with chartreuse (one of my all time fav colors) this the right kind of hoop?-It's slightly smaller than the stool area.  Any help would be appreciated....

and here is the table runner that I started the other day. It still needs to be quilted on top but essentially is done otherwise...I love the way it looks with my bumble bees! This is my first runner and I'm kinda proud of it. What do you think? Any ideas for the stitching? I think I'll keep it straight and simple (stitch in the ditch) because its so full of visuals for the eyes already!

Have a Wonderful 4th of July (and Happy Birthday to my Friend, Jenn of Bittersweet Prims-she's a firecracker baby!) One last thing: Please check out Jenn's new venture: The Olde Primitive Peddler Artisan started today and they are having giveaways galore from so many talented artisans.


  1. Where do I start ? Well I guess at the beginning .LOL! Love the Uncle Sam you ordered from Mandy .He is darling ,she did a wonderful job on him! The bag from Laura is beautiful and looks so useful ! The scarecrow from Cyndi is awesome .Such beautiful details on him ! I am partial to fall goodies anyway. I wish I could help you out on the hooking project but I am in the dark .Love the colors of yarn that you chose ! Wow, that quilted mat you made ,it is gorgeous ! The bees look lovely sitting on it.Have a safe and happy 4th of July!Hugs,Jen

  2. Goodness Gracious Patti so much eye candy my sleepy lil eyes cant hardly take it all in ! If I have to pick a fave sheesh either that new sam or your table runner ! Great job on the runner Im proud of ya knew you could do it! Have a safe and happy 4th hugs lil raggedy angie

  3. Loving the sam! The scarecrow is sweet too.Boy you've been busy.I can't help with the hooking,I'm getting ready to try myself.But Margie or Lauren(rugs n pugs) or Robin cranky crow would be who I would ask for help.Have a wonderful 4th..Amy

  4. Love the uncle sam doll, Mandy does such a great job on her dolls. I had gotten a few of her patterns can't wait to get them done. Love the bumble bees. Hope you have a great 4th. Vicky

  5. Love that Uncle Sam ~ so handsome! Looks like you're gonna' have some fun with the rug hooking!

  6. Hey, I love the Uncle Sam and I really like your chair. That is really cute. the bag can hold your rug hooking stuff?
    Really nice job on the table runner. You do a really great job. I hope its a safe holiday weekend for you and yours.

  7. I love your uncle sam doll. I have one of Mandy's Americana dolls and just love her. She does some nice work.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Country at heart

  8. Ohhh I'm loving your Uncle Sam something fierce!! And your little table runner - how sweet is that?!!~~As for your punch hooking...Uhhh let's see...I do punch needle and I rug hook - but what you have there is sort of a cross in-between - which I've seen done, and have a friend who's done it, but I personally haven't. But what I can tell you is that weaver's cloth is what we do punch needle on (like the old "kettle cloth") - and punch needle is done with a special tool and embroidery floss. Monk's cloth is used for hooking and rug punching (like the Oxford punch) - Typically, for that, you can use Monk's cloth, rug warp, or linen. My preference is linen - and Monk's cloth is my least favorite - it's kind of stretchy and doesn't have the most even of weaves, but is less expensive than rug warp or linen. As for the yarn - you can use whatever your little heart desires. Us "rug" hookers are obviously wool addicts, but I'm sure you can use whatever. The rug punching, like needle punching is done on the reverse (i.e., when you're working it, you have the back side of the piece facing you - unlike hooking, where you work from the top side.) Hoop will work - I have a special frame for hooking - and for punching you need a lip-locking type hoop. But the hoop should be larger than the piece you're working with room around the edges of the design to get the piece nice and taught....So does that help at all or did I just confuse you more??? I'm sure there are folks out there much more versed in the Oxford technique than I am...Best of luck friend!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Love all the dollies! And that bag is cool. I've heard rug hooking can be addictive! Have FUN! (love your runner!) ~*~Lisa

  10. I love your uncle Sam you have great taste. Love your bag and scarecrow from Cyndy. You did an awesome job on your table runner!!! I love it!!! Hugs, Lecia

  11. You are just an absolute wonder! Love everything you're doing these days!

  12. Oh, gee. I meant to tell you earlier that we can't grow Sweet Annie here in the desert. I tried years ago when I first moved from Ohio.


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