Friday, July 29, 2011

My new obsession....

I've been so intrigued by rug hooking and love how it looks so I thought I'd give it a try. I practiced using my hoop and monks cloth and think that I need to practice even know I'm gonna need to build myself one of those hooker frames...yippee. I love using my brad nailer!! Does anyone know where to get the "teeth" that hold the rug in place on all 4 sides? I don't want to pay $70 for a small one that I found today

I also went to a quilt shop in Caledonia, NY today and bought linen to use instead of that flimsy monks cloth.......I borrowed a Rigby wool cutter from my friend Jan who is an amazing rug hooker and has her wares in a shop in LeRoy, NY right on main street. I need to cut as much wool as I can this week before I have to give it back. I will probably miss it and want to buy one...any suggestions from you rug hookers out there? Jan has a more sophistocated one that she uses in her shop.  It was a by chance encounter that we met last weekend. I didn't really know what the shop sold so I walked in...Jan has finished rugs of all sizes in there....she just told me that she sold one today for $250...she does such amazing work. I have pics of her shop on my cell but have to send them to my email then will post....She's getting her etsy shop ready to sell some wool....visit her here @ Addicted to Wool on Etsy. She has handmade ladies overalls on there right now but will be putting some of her wool wares for sale as well.

Jan's been hooking for about 20 years so I have a great teacher!! I'm so lucky.....she let me practice in her fancy sitdown apparatus last weekend....its for the "serious" hooker....they say that your first piece is suppose to come out ugly and will only get better from there. I want to do a pumpkin-simple but I'm finding that I need to practice making round edges...I've got a lot to learn....She also let me borrow two books today so I have a week to read as fast as I can. What a great prim friend!!

Thank you Jan!! :)

I also wanted to show this fabulous Civil War Quilt done by the owner of Chestnut Bay Quilt Shop
It's just beautiful especially in person. I took it quick but you can see what I mean~~stunning!! 
 I really want it but she says it isn't for sale...yet. Click on the pic to get a better view....I aspire to make one of these someday....they're basic blocks but would probably take me forever to make!! Hehe.
ps this is a Barbara Brackman line: Civil war Crossings from, I believe, 2004...I was able to get one of the blue fabrics though.....I'd love to get more of these  (psssst...Jennifer H. do you have any of these?)


  1. That is a pretty quilt!!!!
    Never hooked a rug, so can't help you there!
    Have a great weekend cutting and reading!!!!

  2. I'd love to try rug hooking but I think I've too many irons in the fire already!
    That is such a beautiful quilt! So many talented crafters out there!
    Have a great weekend cutting and hooking!

  3. Girl~ You are always at something new.I'm sure you'll get this mastered too.I've been wanting to try but always seem to have to many other things when it comes time.You're lucky to have someone to help.I'm a hands on visual person so if there was a class local I'd be the first to sign up.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Hi Patti, Oh, no help in hooking here, I've only done 2 itty bitty ones, they didn't turn out 1/2 bad but not 100% good either, LOL...

    I did enjoy doing it though and will probably try again. So nice you have an experience hooker to help you..

    Love that quilt!


  5. Hi Patti, I love how you are adventurous and try new things. And everything you try tures out awesome. I know you will make beautiful rugs. The quilt is beautiful too, I am still wanting to take a basic quilting class, that is one of my goals for the near future. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Lecia

  6. I want to pick up prim rug-hooking again this fall.
    The final product is so worth it. I will post my rug closer to fall that I hooked.
    Your quilt is awsome!
    Enjoy your Saturday!

  7. First of all...You go girl !!! You are on your way, thats for sure. As far as the grippie things, I get mine on Ebay from Lavendar Wool. I also got my cutter, a used Frazer Bliss, for around $60.00, which was THE BEST money I have ever spent. By the way, I LOVE that quilt...just gorgeous. Cant wait to see your finished rug !!!

  8. I tried rug hooking several years back ~ I really enjoyed it. And also loved having an excuse to buy lots of yummy wool. Can't wait to see some of your pieces.

  9. That quilt is amazing!! I LOVE it!!! Hope you get to own it one day - or, better yet, make it!! Good luck with the hooking! Once you do it, you'll be "hooked" I'm sure! You can get gripper strips in lots places - ONe I know of off the top of my head is As for cutters, I'm spoiled...I use a Townsend and absolutely LOVE it....It was very pricey though, but worth every penny I think as I've used Fraisers and Bliss also...Townsend went out of business a year or so ago, but another company has taken over. You can get them through Searsport Rugs....Have fun....Can't wait to see your first piece! Have a wonderful (and wooly!) weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. I have dabbled in rug hooking and have a very nice kit that a friend gave to me sitting upstairs right now, but the hook is different than what I used before and I don't know what to do with it. Maybe this winter... Can't wait to see what you do with yours.


  11. Rug hooking is so much fun. Sounds like you have already received a lot of feedback. That is so awesome that you have a shop near you. Many of us do not have that. Good luck with the new adventure.

  12. Sounds like you are well on your way to rug hooking. Glad you found a cutter to borrow and it's always good to try different background pieces to see what you like. I have found that linen is easier to learn on but I still use monk's cloth often.
    The linen allows for a larger cut wool to be used where I have found monk's cloth does better with an 8.5 cut and smaller.
    I purchase wools from all over...ebay, etsy, stores, etc. If you don't have a cutter yet many of the folks that sell the wool will precut it for you if you ask. Hope this answered a few of your questions.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)Ginger


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